Tanaché is a Dubai-based jewelry brand founded by Touaiba Jdahim.

Tanaché is a Dubai-based jewelry brand founded by Touaiba Jdahim.

The brand launched in 2018, offering a curated line of affordable fine jewelry. Tanaché celebrates individuality with an aesthetic that seamlessly merges contemporary design with the flexibility to customize pieces according to individual style preferences.

Tanaché is a brand with a simple but significant mission, aimed to uplift and empower women. Touaiba developed Tanaché to act as an alter ego, a persona that could be embraced as a way of asserting self-confidence. She designed her brand with the hope to help women look and feel great while also celebrating the distinctive qualities that make them unique.

The notion of layering jewelry acts as a symbol of strength and allows the wearers to express themself through the freedom of styling. Tanaché lends itself to customization and also offers customers the flexibility to create bespoke pieces for a personalized touch.

Tanaché first release was their Petite collection, a range of small, simple but significant styles. It was founded on the belief that beauty can be discovered in the most unassuming places and that a touch of sparkle is all that is needed to elevate a look.

The collection consists of elegant accessories in nine individual styles, designed for everyday wear. The pieces are crafted in 18-carat gold and dotted with pavé diamonds for added glamour.

The lotus flower becomes the face of the brand, a mark of purity, enlightenment and rebirth. Its beauty captivated Touaiba who chose to adopt the emblem, as she felt its symbolism captured the essence of the brand.
Tanaché can be purchased from the brands ecommerce site http://www.tanachejewels.com or via their the brands instagram page @tanachejewels.

About the founder:

Cultivating her love for accessorizing, Tanaché’s founder and creative director Touaiba Jdahim credits her grandmother for igniting her passion. The Dubai-based designer entered into the realm of jewelry after completing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation at the Emirates Aviation University. Her interest in styling lead her to transition on a path to pursue her dream of one day owning her own accessory label. It was through her dedication, vision and entrepreneurial spirit that lead to the launch of the Tanaché brand in 2018.

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