“BORN A KING” – a story of young King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

“BORN A KING” – a story of young King Faisal of Saudi Arabia opens in Cinemas next Thursday September 26th, 2019.

Introducing the Saudi Arabian Actors: Rawkan Binbella as King Abdulaziz and Abdullah Ali as Prince Faisal.

British actors Ed Skrein (Deadpool and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil) Hermione Corfield (Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), sharing the leading roles with Saudi actors.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES- Produced by Oscar winner Andrés Vicente Gómez and directed by Agustí Villaronga, 9 time recipient of the Goya award, “BORN A KING” has a €19 million budget and based upon a book by Alexei Vassiliev and scripted by Henry Firtzherbert in collaboration with Bader Al Samari and Ray Loriga.

The film opens in 1919 with a young Prince Faisal who, at 13 years old at the time, makes his first journey to Great Britain to be received by King George V and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lord Curzon.

When the First World War (1914-1918) ends, the victorious countries – particularly Great Britain and France – turn their attention to establishing a new world order. A young Prince Faisal, son of the future unifier of Arabia, the Emir of the Nejd, Abdulaziz Al Saud, visits Europe to request non-interference from the great powers – a policy of neutrality that might pave the way for peace in the Middle East.

This incredible journey and historical feat introduces us to an exciting adventure, A story that unfolds in the far-away landscapes of Saudi Arabia and London, between two cultures and two countries; Grandiose sceneries in the deserts of Arabia, most fierce battles on camel-back fought in the sand, recreations of England in the 1920s of the past century. A great deal of historical input that accompanies a film, at the service of a most remarkable and worthy adventure.

Based on real life events of King Faisal (1906-1975). A great reformer, abolished slavery, created a modern legal system and significantly boosted the economy of Saudi Arabia.

The cast of “BORN A KING” is made up of a remarkable team of British and Saudi actors. The leading Arab actor, Abdullah Ali was selected from among hundreds of Saudi Arabian students. The English actor, Ed Skrein, plays John Philby, and Hermione Corfield plays Princess Mary. The film was shot on location in London over an eight-week period with another four weeks in Riyadh and the deserts of Saudi Arabia
The film releases in cinemas across KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman on the 26th September 2019.

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