Medcare expands by opening three specialty centres of excellence in Dubai and Sharjah

Medcare expands by opening three specialty centres of excellence in Dubai and Sharjah

Medcare is striving to improve the quality of life of its patients by increasing access to specialist support and state-of-the-art treatment

The Medcare Pain Management, Weight Management and Colorectal Surgery Centres of Excellence will holistically improve patient’s health outlook with multidisciplinary support

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – 8th September 2019: Medcare, one of the pioneering healthcare providers in the region, today announced a trio of centres of excellence aimed to assist patients improve their overall health status and quality of life. The Medcare Pain Management Centre, Weight Management Centre and Colorectal Surgery Centre will offer the means and support to holistically improve patient’s health outlook with multidisciplinary clinical care. As part of the promotion, free consultations with specialty doctors will be offered to prospective patients.

Medcare’s pain management centre in Dubai specializes in the management of acute and chronic pain. Pain could stem from neuropathic pain disorders, complex regional pain disorders, or musculoskeletal disorders such as spinal pain and joint ache, amongst others. The multidisciplinary team will educate patients on pain coping-mechanisms and aim to alleviate pain through the use of advanced diagnostic tests, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative interventional surgical and non-surgical treatments; to note, doctors will be utilizing novel injectable treatments due to their efficacy and ease of delivery. By helping in effective management of pain, doctors aim to assist patients in regaining control of their life and allowing them to live an active lifestyle.

The weight management centre in Dubai and Sharjah will support patients to reclaim control of their weight by creating tailored weight management plans depending on their individual goals. The multidisciplinary teams will create customized treatment plans to ensure long-lasting change. Techniques offered at the centre encompass long-term lifestyle strategies that promote healthy eating and daily physical activity, and range from dietary changes, meal plans and behavioral counselling, to novel non-surgical endoscopic methods and more invasive methods such as bariatric surgery.

As part of the specialized colorectal surgery centre, the proctology team will oversee the care of patients with complex conditions and carry out treatment based on modern, state-of-the-art techniques to alleviate colorectal symptoms with as little discomfort as possible. As a part of the centre’s services, expert surgeons will be extending a novel, minimally invasive proctology technique, using a painless laser treatment, which
permanently removes hemorrhoids and offers patients an option that allows quick recovery, painless surgery and effective results.

Andre Daoud, CEO Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres said, “Medcare is proud to be renowned for going the extra mile in helping patients along the journey to attain better health, while at the same time supporting important UAE government initiatives to ensure world-class healthcare. It is for this reason we are providing our medical services through these three noteworthy centres of excellence to expand our wide roster of specialties; this project will enable us to better cater to the unique needs of the local population which is aligned with our long-term strategy and over-arching mission to make specialty care more accessible”.

“The future of healthcare lies in precision medicine, so there is a need to implement new systems and drive change to improve patient care. Through these three specialized centres, we have set out on a unique mission to holistically support our patients transform their health status and improve their quality of living through access to medical advice, treatment and support. We are confident that through our distinctive multidisciplinary approach, patients who come to our centres will reap the benefits of specialty care – keeping in line with our commitment that We’ll Treat You Well” continued Daoud.

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