STARZPLAY has gotta catch ‘em all: the Pokémon collection is here

STARZPLAY has gotta catch ‘em all: the Pokémon collection is here

The content leader continues to enhance its family-friendly anime selection

 The Japanese anime phenomena continues and leading entertainment platform STARZPLAY responds with its latest installment to hit Middle East screens, bringing viewers an expansive selection of Pokémon movies and shows.

Installed following popular demand, the latest update will give STARZPLAY subscribers further family-friendly titles to choose from and answers the region’s growing trend in popularity of the anime genre.


Pokemon, short for “Pocket Monsters” the original Japanese name, is a franchise which has its roots in a gaming magazine from Japan in the 1980s, called Game Freak. The concept was started by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori – Tajiri was the writer, while Sugimori was the illustrator.


Suitable for anime fans of all ages, the Pokémon selection now available on STARZPLAY is centered around legendary characters well-known by all fans, ensuring the collection is set to be a top choice for thousands of viewers in the region.


Pokémon series – now available

Pokémon – Black and White Season, 45 episodes per season

Season 14 – Black and White

Season 15 – Rival Destinies

Season 16 – Adventures in Unova and Beyond


Pokémon movies – now available

Pokémon the Movie: White- Victini & Zekrom

Pokémon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened




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