The best in OIS technology on the HONOR 20 PRO

Say goodbye to shaky videos with the best in OIS technology on the HONOR 20 PRO

Relive Your Capture Video Memories Without Missing A Beat with HONOR 20 PRO, #CaptureWonder

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 22nd August 2019: HONOR, the leading smartphone brand, has recently announced the launch of its long-awaited HONOR 20 PRO in the Middle East. This is the first time in the history of the brand to introduce a flagship device that comes equipped with a Sony IMX586 48MP AI Quad Camera and industry-largest f/1.4 wide aperture.


The HONOR 20 PRO also comes with Dual Optical Image Stabilization (Dual OIS) which works by moving lens elements to counteract unsteady hand-induced camera shake, thereby reducing blur. This leads to better quality and smoother videos, that help you go back to see your captured moments without missing any details of your story.


In terms of video recording, the addition of Dual OIS can again offer a huge benefit. It constantly adjusts the lens to counteract camera movement which results in considerably less wobbly footage, even in darker conditions. This makes video footage a lot more watchable. It’s also better than trying to fix wobbly footage in post-production with software, which can be hit or miss.


The new phone utilizes both optical and electronic image stabilization to get these impressive results. HONOR 20 PRO is all set to create a stir in the region with its benchmark camera capabilities. Put your HONOR 20 PRO to test! Capture your precious memories and you are guaranteed to be able to relive them.


Watch this YouTube video to see how you can get unbelievably clear photos and videos with HONOR 20 PRO:



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