Horizon International School Celebrates the Achievements of Students

Horizon International School Celebrates the Achievements of Students

For students all over the country, GCSE results day marks the culmination of years of study and weeks of revision. For teachers and schools, the results are equally important, as they impact the overall standing of the school.

Commenting on the results, Darren Gale, Principal of Horizon International School said, “We are extremely proud of our students’ outcomes in GCSE exams this year.

They have attained the most impressive set of GCSE results in the school’s history, more impressively as a result of the recent changes in GCSE courses and material. 93% of students have met and exceeded the benchmark standard of 5 Grade 9-4s inclusive English and Maths.

Whilst attainment is important, we are a school that strives to add value and therefore we are immensely proud of our students’ ‘progress’ outcomes across all of their subjects. Across English, Maths and Science, we are delighted with the average valued added progress measure of at least 2 grades; significantly outperforming their CAT4 targets.

As result of such wonderful outcomes, we see a number of firsts for our 4th cohort of GCSE students:

38% of students attained Grade 9-7 across 8 subjects

Nearly a third of all our grades were at Grade 9-8

45% of results were at Grade 7 and above

100% of students meeting the expected standard for English Language and Literature. A real achievement for a very international school

Such fantastic results mean we see a very healthy increase in our Post 16 at the school. With 100% of children able to now follow their first choice P16 courses. Such excellent results can only be achieved through, strong relationships, well focused and dedicated students and staff, ambitious learning and teaching. This makes us incredibly proud to be leaders of this schools and reinforces our school motto of Everyone counts, everyone contributes, everyone succeeds.”


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