The 3 Rules of Brow Layering with Benefit Cosmetics…

The 3 Rules of Brow Layering with Benefit Cosmetics By Yara Ayoob, Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist.

Ladies think about your makeup routines. You prep, prime, bake, and set your complexion with at least four products. Your eye makeup consists of a minimum of three more. Every step in your makeup routine compliments the former or the latter.

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Think about it! Without your primer, you wouldn’t have a smooth application. Without setting powder, your foundation would crease. Each glorious layer goes hand in hand with the other to create a flawless finish. So why not take that layering mentality and apply it to your brows? I know layering products onto your brows may seem intimidating at first but trust me! Picking the right products with the perfect textures that complement each other will take your brow game to a whole new level! Lucky for you, layering your brows has never been easier with Benefit Cosmetics!


Putting things that work in perfect harmony on top of each other ties the entire look together! The three ruler of brow layering are super easy: prime, shadow and fill naturally. The products that we’re going to be layering to give our brows the perfect result are:


  • BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer
  • Foolproof Brow Powder
  • Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil


Now that we’ve got the perfect products down, here’s how you could layer them to give your brows the perfect dimension and shape!


  • Just like how we prime our faces, our brows also need that kind of love! This is the most important step in brow layering. In order to make your brows look enhanced to their full potential, grab the BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer! Not only do you instantly get full brows that are primed and ready to be layered, but BROWVO! also acts as a serum to nourish your brow hairs and keep them looking and feeling healthy all day long. Simply twist the bottom of the product to allow the gel to appear, brush it through your brow hairs, and shape them like you usually would with any other brow gel! Allow it to dry before commencing further application. This amazing product also contains Soy and Keratin proteins which are proven to make your hair stronger and healthier. Leave it on overnight for ultimate conditioning and you’ll see the difference. Try this and you’ll thank me for later!


  • Let the layering begin! In order to create a properly layered brow look, we need some shadowing to occur for our second layer to create that natural fullness effect. What better product to use than Foolproof Brow Powder! First, take out the super convenient blending sponge from the bottom of the spoolie provided in the palette. Next, use the blender to sweep the lighter shade of the palette from the start of your brow to your arch! Following that, sweep the darker shade from your arch to the end of your brow. Don’t forget to brush with the spoolie brush to blend in the product and avoid any harsh lines.


  • The last step of brow layering is to fill in those brows. To create some dimension in a natural way, Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil will tie the whole look together! Simply hold on to the customized grip of the pencil and draw some hair-like strokes following the natural direction of hair growth from the start of your brow to the arch and then from the arch to the end. Alternate between the pressure you apply on the pencil to really get that depth we’re going for. With this step, you’ve got your brows layered to perfection!



There you have it! Three simple rules for brow layering that will help you create a timeless brow look that will give your brows the natural dimension they need!  Don’t be afraid to change up your routine every now and then. Benefit Cosmetics has 12 brow products to choose from so you can mix and match as much as your heart

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