RetailGreen launches cutting edge retail solutions in the Middle East

RetailGreen launches cutting edge retail solutions in the Middle East

Launching cutting edge and multi-level revenue and data

management retail solutions in the Middle East

 DUBAI, UAE – 18th August , 2019 – Over the last decade, RetailGreen has proven itself to be a market leader in the region with the company providing its smart-services to major mall operators and retailers.

RetailGreen’s e-Tenant technology platform extracts and sends real-time sales information to the mall management without accessing or interrupting customer data or retailer operations.

The easy to digest and user-friendly information adds value to mall owners and retailers alike and ultimately helps with increasing customer engagement. A highlight of RetailGreen’s technology is data protection. Given the results of a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll of over 1,000 adults, it showed that 4 out of 5 consumers (83%) in the UAE are more alarmed than ever about their privacy. The RetailGreen technology provides 100% guarantees in this area ensuring data is secure and not accessible for sharing.

The region’s leading green retail technology company, RetailGreen, have been partnering with Dubai government to provide automated sales monitoring solutions and efficient data analysis for the retail sector. The innovative technology captures sales data and provides a valuable bundle of services enabling more transparency in sales data management and the digital retail experience in line with the Smart City initiative launched by the Dubai government.

The Smart City initiative, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to provide bespoke, enhanced and seamless services using Al (Artificial Intelligence) to the public in the field of education, healthcare and retail among other areas. The objective of this initiative is to transform Dubai into a smart city across every government sector. RetailGreen technologies are already being applied to retail sectors across various boards in innovative and exciting ways ensuring they are leading the way in support of the Dubai governments aim.

As part of the company’s B2G growth strategy, RetailGreen is in the process of successfully onboarding their multi-level tech solution in partnership with the government sector. With an aim to be able to analyze macro and sector-level economic performances, the technology that RetailGreen has developed and successfully established in the region is perfectly positioned to provide this support accurately thereby enabling the government to better understand the market situation and propose supporting policy to help business growth.

On the Business to Consumer (B2C) front, RetailGreen have launched the Receipt Box app. The application issues e-receipts gift cards and coupons from a single app, for both online and offline activities. This smart technology keeps your information at your fingertips and allows you to monitor your spending history as well as helping consumers go green by having a paperless shopping experience.

Receipt Box offers a variety of benefits that include helping the end user keep track of all interactions with different retailers, analysing their spending, make price comparisons across all purchases and based on preferences they can even receive information and promotions from their chosen brands. Additionally, the RetailGreen Cards Wallet allows users to consolidate all the rewards and loyalty cards into one section on the app so that they don’t have to carry cumbersome paper or plastic cards, making it easy to see where points are redeemable before they expire.

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