WHISPER’s sleep cool innovation…

Say goodbye to sleepless hot summer nights with WHISPER’s sleep cool innovation

 The WHISPER mattresses and pillows feature open-cell adaptive foams and breathable thermoregulating fabrics to ensure an optimal sleep temperature throughout the night


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:Summer is now in full swing, which means the heat and humidity are bordering on unbearable, with most people struggling to get a good night’s sleep.  But thanks to the cooling and breathable innovations of WHISPER mattresses, cozy comfortable sleep is now possible even in the hottest nights of the season!


WHISPER, the UAE’s mattress e-commerce pioneer, has always been committed to using only the

perfect mix of modern technology and high-quality materials for their products.  The company uses open-cell adaptive foams, which, unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, allows heat and sweat to dissipate.  In addition to better breathability, the mattress’ adaptive foam construction allows it to cradle the sleeper’s pressure points, providing complete contouring comfort.


Taking its sleep cool innovations to the next level, WHISPER also uses thermoregulating fabric, which helps the sleeper cool down when it’s hot or warms him when it’s cold.


Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER, said, “Hot weather can really be a nuisance, more so during bedtime.  Even when it’s not summer, heat is a major concern for most disturbed sleepers, especially in this part of the world. The key to eliminate all the tossing and turning in sweaty discomfort throughout the night is to get a WHISPER mattress and pillows.  Our sleep cool innovations, featuring the open-cell adaptive foams and thermoregulating fabric, ensure that the heat naturally produced by the human body is allowed to perspire out of the mattress rather than getting trapped inside, therefore keeping you comfy and cool, and preventing uncomfortable night sweats.”


To maximize its cooling abilities, the WHISPER mattress also features air channels that span its entire surface to further expel all excess heat and sweat the body produces at night.  The foams and fabric, while already completely breathable, are composed without glue. This means heat retention is effectively reduced and at the same time, eliminating nesting sites for dust mites and bacteria, thus preventing signs of allergies and nasal congestion.


Creating more customer value with top-notch cooling, comfort and durability

Mattresses have evolved in design and composition over the years, and with WHISPER paving the way for the growing popularity of the mattress-in-a-box concept, the industry and all its key players are moving to more technologically advanced foams, this according to Dominik.


“The industry has been seeing traction in using higher density open-cell foams that ensure breathability, but at the same time maintain the durability of the product – that is, 10+ year warranty options without the need to flip the mattress every season.  For us at WHISPER, value is a combination of quality engineering, advanced technology and excellent craftmanship.  This is why we are able to offer more, providing a 12-year warranty on the mattress, and guaranteeing that there will be no sagging or loss of support during this time,” Dominik further commented.


As well as offering the optimal sleeping temperature, the WHISPER mattress uses high-quality dynamic foams that are adjustable in comfort and medically certified. Truly innovative and responsive to the needs of the modern sleeper, the mattress is also built with the Silver Shield technology, which is proven to protect users against 99.99% of all electromagnetic fields (EMFs) radiation emitted by electronics such as TVs, phones and computers.


“It is essential to make a good mattress choice as the importance of deep, relaxing sleep to our health and wellness can’t be overstated. Our patented technology, high-tech fabrics and breakthrough foams easily make the WHISPER mattress the top choice.  But if you need further convincing, we are gladly offering customers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial for our mattress to help them understand that getting a WHISPER mattress is all that they need to wake up refreshed and re-energized for their next day’s adventure,” Dominik concluded.



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