Meat One offers ‘Qurbani Service’ to UAE residents

Meat One offers ‘Qurbani Service’ to UAE residents

 The service will enable people to perform the act of sacrifice from within the comforts of their home


August 6th, 2019; Dubai, UAE: In order to facilitate the ritual of animal sacrifice on the auspicious occasion of Eid, the concept meat store, Meat One, is offering “Qurbani Service” to the UAE residents. The affordable service enables UAE residents to perform their religious duty within the comforts of their home by simply outsourcing the responsibility of slaughtering animals to Meat One. The meat – which will be cleaned and cut as per the personalised requirement – will be then delivered to the residents’ doorstep. The franchise in the UAE is also collaborating with several charities in Pakistan to deliver meat to the deserving and needy as per donors’ wishes. The animals will be slaughtered at the Dubai Municipality Abattoir.


“Eid al Azha is all about the spirit of sacrifice and our aim is to ensure that people perform this act as smoothly as possible and within their budget. The fact that Meat One has gained a lot of trust across Middle East in delivering quality product – fresh and healthy Zabiha meat – has encouraged us to provide the residents with services that will bring more ease and comfort in their lives. We believe that everything should be done for the benefit of the consumer. In this respect, we bring to you what is healthy, hygienic and wholesome, whether it is meat and poultry products or any other food items,” said Mr Ovais Jabbar, Director at Meat One Middle East.


An Alif Investments initiative, Meat One Middle East is a franchise operation that imports world-class, quality beef and mutton prepared and processed by the Zabiha halal method. Air-lifted every day from source, Meat One combines the goodness of fresh meat with the convenience of packaged cuts.


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