GIIS Dubai announces appointment of New Head of Primary

GIIS Dubai announces appointment of New Head of Primary  

 5th August 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – One of the most critical contributors to a superior standard of education is the faculty that helps build and nurture students into global citizens of tomorrow. Global Indian International School, Dubai announces the appointment of Ms Alka Yadav as the new Head of Primary for its Dubai Campus with effect Sept 2019.

A former Senior Leader and Head of Primary Section at an international School in Dubai, Ms Yadav comes with a sea of experience and knowledge across several indicators for the overall student and school improvement and has served in senior leadership positions across Dubai.  She has a consistent and proven track record of leading the performance of students, as well as the school overall, to new heights.

GIIS is a staunch believer of leading by example, and that runs deep into their hiring process as well. They prioritise on hiring the right talent when it comes to choosing their faculty because they genuinely understand how instrumental that is to their students’ growth. They Believe an academic institution is backed by a kind of faculty that truly believes in promoting student achievement by making learning their top priority.

Currently on the Board of Management for GIIS Dubai, Ms Alka will be in charge of crucial responsibilities like analysing academic data to monitor progress and strategies goal setting; evaluating instructional practices; monitoring lesson plans and making them more immersive and managing the curriculum to name a few.

Alka Yadav commented, “I’m honoured to be on board of this remarkable institution which has such a good reputation of imparting holistic education to children in this region. The respect and warmth that I have received from the day I walked in, is remarkable. I am really looking forward to working in this very positive environment and hope to make a valuable contribution.”

Amol Vaidya, Senior Director Operations, GIIS Dubai says, “We extend a warm welcome to Ms Alka Yadav and look forward to having her on the team. With the extensive knowledge and expertise that she comes with, I am confident that she will reinforce the existing foundation laid down by the GIIS team. I believe Students can grow exponentially under the expert guidance of the right teachers, who in turn thrive when equipped with the right learning processes, institutional guidelines and growth parameters”

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