Sharjah Youth Members Train in C++ Programming…..

Sharjah Youth Members Train in C++ Programming
and Smart Home Design at AUS

Weeklong workshop in cooperation with American University of Sharjah

Sharjah, August 1, 2019:Members of Sharjah Youth have undergone a rigorous, weeklong training workshop designed to introduce them to advanced solutions in the electrical engineering and technology fields. Through the course of their learnings, they’ve been introduced to the basics of C++ programming, working of smart applications, and more.

The training was organised by Sharjah Youth, an affiliate of Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, in cooperation with the American University of Sharjah (AUS).


The workshop was organised at the faculty of engineering at AUS, and delivered by Hommam Orabi, a laboratory teacher in the faculty. Participants picked up basics of C++ programming, and learned how this programming language can be used to develop smart applications to control smart homes. In addition, they were also given an overview of electric circuit boards and their applications.


A highlight for the young participants was a tour of the university’s new engineering wing. They also visited the electrical engineering lab where they were briefed on basic nature of electrical operations and standard operating procedures.


Mariam Al Salman, Manager of Corporate Communications Department at Sharjah Youth, said: “The popularity of science and technology, both as academic disciplines and career choices, is more than ever before. Young graduates are increasingly looking into getting into the ‘future jobs’ market simply because the world is becoming more and more tech driven, which is changing the face of our economy. Polishing our young members’ 21st century skillsets is always high on our training and mentorship agenda, which is why we conducted this training workshop in cooperation with AUS.


“With increased competence in these fields, our youth will be better equipped to lead the UAE’s future aspirations of nation-building, not just as consumers of these technologies, but as inventors and innovators.”


Sixteen-year-old Mohammed Said Rashed from Wasit Youth Center said: “Technologies advance at a fast pace, and we need to keep up with these changes so we can take part in the transformations that will impact our future”.



Meanwhile, Mayed Sultan, 16, from Wasit Youth Center who aspires to study electrical engineering, said: “This training was a great way for me to learn and understand the basics of electrical engineering and technology, both in theory and application.”


Workshop trainer Hommam Orabi, commented: “This training week was crafted to offer participants a good grip over both theoretical and practical elements of applied science and technology. We tried to make their learning more effective by making them apply concepts to real-life scenarios. The overarching objective was to demystify the disciplines through training workshops that were simple, fun and perfect as a team activity.”


Part of Sharjah Youth’s ‘Let’s Summer’ camp organised to provide those aged between 13–18 a safe and stimulating environment within which to discover new interests and develop skills in various fields, the training workshop concluded today (Thursday).


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