New entrant in food delivery space – MMMBOX

New entrant in food delivery space – MMMBOX

 The up-and-coming Pan-Asian restaurant is born out of the growing need for good quality home deliveries in Dubai

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 8th July 2019: How many times have you ordered food delivery at home and it is either cold, spilt all over the packaging or just simply doesn’t taste as fresh? Mmmbox – Sushi, Asian & Indian solves exactly that problem. It is an up-and-coming Pan-Asian restaurant born out of the growing need for good quality home deliveries in Dubai. Mmmbox aimed to give Dubai this much-required quality when it comes to both flavourful food and robust packaging, and somehow, this concept manages to excel in doing that. From Sushis to Curries, this newly opened restaurant provides customers with a variety of cuisines under one roof catering to different kinds of taste buds without compromising on the authenticity of the dish.


Located in Jumeirah, Mmmbox provides food delivery all around Dubai from their simple yet effective website –  The packaging deserves a special mention. The food is served in highly presentable, hygienic, well-packed and good quality boxes. “We wanted it to feel like a gift was arriving to the customer in the form of any of our dishes. With the use of the branded boxes that are intricately made to fit the individual dishes, the food delivery feels like a whole new experience” said partner and CEO, Gaurav Sajnani. It truly does sound like a gift considering the amount of thought and attention given it – something as simple as the sushis are delivered on top of dry ice packs to ensure that the sushi stays cold and fresh. Suitable for a cosy family dinner or a large number of guests, Mmmbox’s sounds like they have the full package.


Now that we’ve covered the BOX part of Mmmbox, it’s time to move onto the delicious flavours that the restaurant serves up making customer go mmmmm…. From the menu itself, you can see that each and every dish would have something fresh and flavourful to offer. The vast array of dim sums, sushis, kebabs, curries, kulchas amongst other dishes truly surpass our expectations of any Pan-Asian restaurant. “Truly mouth-watering – this is what we want each and every customer to feel and say after they have tasted our dishes and we have put in all efforts to ensure this happens” said Gaurav. I can vouch for this and say that the food truly leaves you wanted more as the enriching flavours stay with you for a while to come.


Mmmbox proudly thrives to provide the perfect combination of delicious food (MMM) and high-quality packaging (BOX), and it definitely does not disappoint. It truly is a challenge to deliver high-quality food right to your doorstep with the same level of freshness as you would expect at the restaurant itself, yet Mmmbox not only takes up the challenge but also are slowly becoming pioneers of this growing food delivery space.




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