Quintessentially raises the bar for the luxury sector of Dubai, home to HNWIs

Quintessentially raises the bar for the luxury sector of Dubai, home to HNWIs

Dubai, UAE, 28 July 2019: Quintessentially, the world’s leading luxury lifestyle group, has announced the exponential growth of its private membership in Dubai over the last year at a rate of 100%.

Quintessentially are experts in lifestyle management and concierge services as well as bespoke travel and curated experiences, with 60 offices around the world, and a main hub office in Dubai where 38 of  the richest and most discerning people in the world reside, according to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census Report.

The growth of Quintessentially reflects the rising demand for premier lifestyle management from an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). Ranked the world’s third in billionaire density, Dubai has the largest share of the UAE’s billionaire population, and the UAE is ranked 10th among the Top 15 Billionaire Countries.

Marina de Coatgoureden, CEO Quintessentially Middle East, said: “The Wealth-X Census Report further underpins the value that Quintessentially provides in the UAE and across the region. We are trusted confidants for our discerning members  assuring the luxury of time saving, connecting our global community and delivering life-enhancing curated moments. Today, there is a growing trend of self-actualisation and self-improvement, a desire to give more to charitable causes. Purpose and philanthropy are at the core of Quintessenitally’s Foundation, which has given more that AED56 million to charities around the world. Globally, we are seeing a shift from material wealth to a new appetite for the experiental. Quintessentially is a thriving lifestyle business with a strong heritage  and values, and a 20 year tenure in a global marketplace with significant growth potential and an enduring, yet evolving, proposition.”

Since its inception in the UAE in 2012, Quintessentially has offered round-the-clock lifestyle management and concierge support for its regional members as well as an event management agency and a specialist travel team with a strong network with some of the finest luxury hotels in Dubai.


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