WHISPER pushes sleep tech innovation forward with UAE’s first-ever EMF-shielding mattress

WHISPER pushes sleep tech innovation forward with UAE’s first-ever EMF-shielding mattress

WHISPER mattress is built with the Silver Shield Technology, which is designed to eliminate toxic electromagnetic fields known to have harmful effects on health and sleep quality

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WHISPER, the UAE’s mattress e-commerce pioneer, has developed a breakthrough EMF-shielding innovation called the Silver Shield Technology. The Silver Shield comprises of a grounding cable integrated with the WHISPER mattress fabric and plugged into an outlet next to your bed. Once plugged in, it creates an invisible shield around the bed, preventing any EMF waves from entering the sleeping area.

The dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have become hot topics for discussion in recent years, especially with technology changing our world at an astonishing pace. While this has given rise to mounting studies tackling health risks linked to EMF exposure, none is drawing greater awareness than the adverse effects of EMFs on sleep. In the UAE, where a growing number of residents are sleep deprived, WHISPER has taken up the goal to eliminate EMF pollution in the bedroom and promote good sleep health.

Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER, explained, “Electronics such as TVs, phones, computers all emit harmful EMF waves, but the biggest culprits that we all ignore are the cables running across our living space. These not only interfere with our brain waves while we sleep but also cause us to have irregular sleeping cycles. What most people fail to realize is that our bodies are especially vulnerable at night, as it is during this time that cell and tissue regeneration occur, while our biological detoxification system removes waste products from our blood to fight off illnesses and diseases. This goes to show how extremely critical quality sleep is for our health.”

Studies conducted so far show that the most prominent impact of exposure to EMF waves is of the neurological and psychiatric nature. The symptoms of this are sleep disturbance or insomnia, anxiety, irritability, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain and some cases of depression. The WHISPER Silver Shield technology has been proven to protect users against 99.99% of all EMF waves. Dominik further said that this technology has been tested and certified up to Military Standard 285.

“If you are worried that EMF pollution is disrupting your sleep, the WHISPER mattress is the perfect solution that will ultimately give you a safe, restful and uninterrupted sleep. We all sleep for an average of 8 hours per day, that is about a third of our lives. It is essential to make a good mattress choice so we are offering customers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial for our mattress to help them understand that getting a WHISPER mattress is one of the best investments they will ever make for their health and well-being,” Dominik added.

As well as offering its users EMF protection, the WHISPER mattress uses high-quality dynamic foams that are adjustable in comfort and medically certified. Their mattress is made of Quantum foam, which – unlike memory foam – is breathable and keeps you cool at night, protecting you from bacteria and dust mites.

“Our patented technology, high-tech fabrics and breakthrough foams are borne out by decades of research from professional sleepers and material engineers from across the world. The WHISPER mattress, as well as our equally innovative pillows, were created to be superior to others but, come at a competitive price point that is accessible to a CEO and their assistant. This is because we believe that everyone deserves a great night’s sleep so we can be healthier and feel happier,” Dominik continued.

On top of all these best-in-class features, WHISPER’s mattress-in-a-box online business model is also proving to be a winning factor in attracting customers.

Shopping for your mattress online has many advantages, foremost of which is convenience, according to Dominik. “You can shop anytime you want even in the comfort of your home, so no more dealing with traffic jams and crowds. It’s even more cost-effective as e-shoppers need not shoulder store mark-ups or overheads. Plus, WHISPER being customer-centric, we have easy return policies and a money-back guarantee, on top of a 12-year warranty on our mattress and seven-year warranty for our pillows. Every WHISPER purchase comes with ultimate peace of mind for the customers.”


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