Your new workout buddy: HUAWEI FreeLace

Your new workout buddy: HUAWEI FreeLace

After a long day at work, hitting the gym may seem like the most challenging task of the day. However, motivation is the key to getting in shape. Finding the ideal gym buddy might be a huge ask, considering people’s routines are not easily compatible. So why not design the perfect workout by curating an inspiring music playlist and investing in excellent earphones that can step in as your buddy.

A great pair of earphones can offer an unparalleled musical experience, so all you need to do is train to the music that motivates you and gives you the freedom to move around without getting tangled up.

HUAWEI FreeLace is the right choice when you need a workout buddy. Here’s why:

Easy plug and connect with HUAWEI HiPair

It’s often hard to pair your phone to your audio equipment for the first time. Huawei has tackled this issue with HUAWEI HiPair, a self-developed technology that uses Type-C cable for Bluetooth pairing, which is as simple as connecting your device for charging. Now at the gym it’s simple and easy to connect your device and get started hassle-free.

Music that sets you in the mood to workout

While working out, motivation and mood is everything and you don’t want it to be anything less than ideal. When in the workout flow, you need the music to get in the rhythm with you so you can push harder in the gym.

HUAWEI FreeLace ensures that an immersive musical experience helps you concentrate on your workout. Inside the earphone Huawei has worked in innovative equipment to ensure HUAWEI FreeLace is the desired pair of earphones for a perfect workout. The right sound pressure created by the dynamic driver brings a melodious treble and bass to enhance your workout experience.

Long battery life for longer workouts

Depending on your motivation levels, a workout can sometimes last for a long time, leaving barely any time to charge your phone, let alone earphones. With 18-hour playback in a single charge and 12-day standby battery life, the music rarely stops with HUAWEI FreeLace.

HUAWEI FreeLace allows you 4-hours playback time with just five minutes of charging. In the event you forget to charge your earphones, just plug them in while you’re getting kitted out for the treadmill and you won’t need to do worry about the battery throughout your workout.

And what if you’re already at the gym with no time to charge your earphones? HUAWEI FreeLace can be powered using your phone during an emergency through plug-and-charge technology.

HUAWEI FreeLace also uses built in magnetic sensors that detect whether your earphones are in use. So, every time you need to stop the music, just attach the earphones to end the connection and shift the earphones to standby mode to increase battery life. And when you feel like listening to music again, a simple separate will return your music.

Sweatproof feature for uninterrupted workout sessions

Hitting the gym can be a sweaty affair and electronic devices do not fare well in such situations. HUAWEI FreeLace ensures that the earphones are sweatproof to provide you with all-round protection throughout the day.

Working out in the gym is fun when you have the right equipment and the HUAWEI FreeLace with its exceptional features is the perfect equipment to give you an immersive musical experience so you can focus on keeping fit.



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