Max Mara Atelier F/W 2019-2020

Max Mara Atelier F/W 2019-2020

Couture, cocooning and works of art: the origins of the Max Mara Atelier F/W 2019-2020 Collection.

There are coats with timeless stories to tell; tales of ancestral tradition and style at its simplest, taking the masculine origins of the cape to inspire a contemporary piece.

Inspired by the legendary dimension of Mimmo Paladino’s art, the Max Mara Atelier F/W 2019-2020 Collection rewrites the history of the coat, taking the barely hinted-at shapes, volumes and archaic figures adopted by the artist and skilfully turning them into tailoring masterpieces crafted in light, enveloping materials: 14 models ranging from the parka to the redingote and comprising a trench, cardigan coat, shawl collar coat and blazer, with a boyish yet feminine attitude.

These artfully crafted coats strike a perfect balance between form and material, with the soft feel of cashmere inspiring finishes as soft and fluffy as a cloud and felting that adds tactile value to the pieces. 100% Italian-crafted cashmere, alpaca, mohair and natural fibres, these exquisitely tailored coats boast incredibly sophisticated textures, reminiscent of primitive processes, as well as striking trompe l’oeil optical effects, triple collars and double fabrics and details that include leather, gilets and fur.

Embellished with golden details tucked away in the pleats and evident on the linings for an emblematic touch of subtly classic allure, they recall the material experimentation and secret alchemy of Paladino’s art. Colours complementing white and black, crossed fleetingly through with gold that secretly illuminates the whole look, inspiring the colour effects: special shades of black, cacha, nuances of grey, rust, lapis lazuli blue and glimmering orange and gold details.

Designed for a variety of women, these loose, shaped coats are built to last, to embody the ability to cocoon and protect, taking us back in time to the origins of their history: the coat as the most primitive of refuges.

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