Chalhoub Group install Solar Panels…..

Chalhoub Group install Solar Panels
Over 1,700 tons of carbon savings expected annually

Dubai, 20th of June 2019 – Chalhoub Group, the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East completed the installation of over 6,200 solar panels at both its head office and main
warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE. The solar panels installation is set to cut 1,750 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year and the system size is 2,142 kWp.

Chalhoub Group partnered with Enviromena, the leading provider of transformative energy solutions in the Middle East and Africa, to supply solar power to its offices. The company provided full scope of services using only Tier-1 components and the highest quality standard.

Florence Bulte, Head of Sustainable Engagement at Chalhoub Group commented: “Protecting the environment is a key pillar of our sustainability strategy; we are committed to reduce our carbon footprint across our operations and involve our people in our environmental programs. We are measuring, monitoring and controlling our natural resources consumption to progress towards our 2020  commitments. Shifting to renewable energy offers us an opportunity to further decrease our environmental impact and build the way to a more sustainable future.”

Gilbert Boustany, General Manager 3D Design Decoration and Display at Chalhoub Group said: “At Chalhoub Group, we are constantly seeking methods to improve our operations and to minimize the negative environmental impact of structures and buildings by developing spaces efficiently, moderation in the use of materials, reducing waste over the lifecycle of a building, and controlling usage of energy and water.”

By 2020, Chalhoub Group target is to install this technology in other locations in the UAE and the region as part of its mission to manage natural resources wisely and transition to renewable energy.

Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of the Chalhoub Group commented: “As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to ensure that the four sustainability pillars – People, Partners, Planet and Impact- are embedded into the core of our business as they provide a robust framework for strong performance and give a clear vision for the future. We continue to take actions to reduce our ecological footprint and installing solar panels is in line with our mission to shift to renewable energy and enhance our overall environmental impact.”

Chalhoub Group is member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2014 and Patrick Chalhoub was appointed board member of the UNGC in 2018 and he is committed to driving a responsible business.

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