Al Qasba’s Summer Camp in July-August to Entertain and Educate Children

Al Qasba’s Summer Camp in July-August to Entertain
and Educate Children

Fun-filled interactive courses utilising technology and science will help children explore their potential and develop their life skills

Sharjah, June 30, 2019:Al Qasba in collaboration with STEMA, internationally accredited STEM organisation, will conduct a summer camp in Al Qasba Block (F) during the months of July and August. This year’s camp is aimed at children aged 5 – 17 years, to make use of their summer vacations fruitfully, with specially designed courses that combine education and entertainment.
The courses offered include technology and science along with fun-filled interactive activities that will help children explore their potential and develop their life skills.

The camp is scheduled to be held from 7 July to 29 August, (excluding weekends and the Eid Al Adha break from 11 – 15 August).

Activities include morning exercises; science experiments; fun activities involving the Rubik’s Cube, culture, basics of chess; STEM – robotics, coding, electronics and virtual reality; mental mathematics; art and crafts; recycling; Movie Maker; and entrepreneurship, with tips on how to start your business.
The day will start at 10:00 a.m. with 15 minutes of physical exercise. There will be three sessions with the first one lasting an hour and the rest of one-hour and 15 minutes each with two breaks in between.

Khuloud Salim Al Junaibi, General Manager of Al Qasba, said that the summer camp aligns with Al Qasba’s vision to provide an array of educational and entertainment programmes that will discover hidden talents in children and young people and improve their capabilities. The camp’s activities also nurture the cultural and artistic expertise of the young generation, and prepare them to play an active role fulfilling the UAE’s aspirations to become a knowledge-based society.

Al Junaibi added: “Al Qasba is dedicated to shaping children into influential agents of positive change. This summer camp will be an important step to take forward the efforts aimed at bolstering the stature of Sharjah as an incubator for art and culture, as well as a child-friendly city.”

She noted that the emirate upholds children’s rights and organises education and entertainment activities that enable them to hone their skills and develop their capabilities, providing them with a platform to express their ideas and aspirations.

Expert STEMA trainers will conduct the workshops. Tool kits and laptops/tablets will be provided for each group of 2 – 3 students.
Participants will be awarded certificates on completion of the programme.

Registration form and activities schedule are available on the STEMA website:; on Al Qasba website; and at Al Qasba information desks
(Block C & F).


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