Sharjah Girl Guides Workshops to Elevate Young Bodies, Minds and Souls

Sharjah Girl Guides Workshops to Elevate Young Bodies, Minds and Souls.
June workshops for Brownies include yoga, trampoline workouts, team-building, creative writing

Sharjah, June 26 2019:In line with its strategy of adding to the education and accomplishments of the Brownies (7-11 years), Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) has planned three workshops, to be held through the month of June, aimed at improving their physical strength and mental alertness, as well as enhancing their creative abilities.

From yoga to physical exercise and creative writing, SGG is continuing on its mission to add value to the lives of its young recruits by making them physically and mentally fit, teaching them to be creative and helping them find their potential in non-academic pursuits. With the successful completion of each activity, participants will be awarded prestigious SGG badges.

Sunset yoga
SGG celebrated the World Yoga Day on June 21 by organising a group yoga session for Brownies by the beach at the Collage Talent Center in Sharjah. The aim is to encourage self-esteem and body awareness among the Brownies through yoga.
After the yoga session, a dietitian will teach them the importance of eating healthy and how to prepare healthy snacks. The girls will then prepare healthy snacks for themselves at the kitchen studio. Participants will be awarded the ‘Sport’ badge after this activity.

Fitness booster trip
A trip to the Jump-Boxx Trampoline Park in Dubai is part of SGG’s June activities for Brownies. Starting with warm-up exercises, the session will ease participants into performing an intensive work-out. They will also be taught to play in teams of two and engage in team-building activities.

The aim of this workshop is to teach Brownies to communicate with their team more effectively by participating in team-building activities, share responsibility, set goals to motivate and challenge themselves physically, and exercise on a daily basis.
The SGG ‘Sport Badge’ is the prize for all participants who undertake this activity.

Writing your story
Being held under the aegis of the Book Club, this creative writing workshop is aimed at encouraging Brownies to write stories in Arabic. It will be conducted by an acclaimed Emirati author Maitha Al Khayat and Sahar Najam who will guide the budding writers on how best to tell their stories in print.

The author will help the Brownies write and design a book based on their stories, along with a team of Illustrators who will bring the characters in their stories to life. They will also be taught the basics of publishing. SGG’s coveted ‘Book Club’ badge will be awarded to this workshop’s participant’s end of the year.


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