Learn Japanese, Zumba and More at Sajaya’s Summer Programme in Sharjah

Learn Japanese, Zumba and More at Sajaya’s Summer Programme in Sharjah.Themed ‘Nurturing Talents’, the month long programme begins July 7

Sharjah, June 26, 2019:As the summer break approaches, Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah – an affiliate of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators – has announced an exciting summer programme to keep their young members gainfully occupied for an entire month. Aptly themed ‘Nurturing Talents’, the monthlong programme runs from July 7–August 8, 2019, and will bring all participants interesting opportunities to try out a variety of activities and up their skills in language, sports, arts, social etiquette, cooking, music, and more.

Sajaya’s summer programme will also feature interactive events and recreational trips, all designed to help girls and young ladies discover new talents and nurture them through the hands-on experiences offered in the following programmes.

Arts programme
The arts programme features different forms of art like drawing, painting, photography, installation and sculpture. It will enable the girls to explore arts and help them discover and develop their talents, in addition to better understand the human and aesthetic values of a community that live through art.

Japanese language programme
This programme is in line with Sajaya’s motto to introduce girls and young women to global cultures. The Japanese language course at summer programme will be delivered through specialised workshops and strengthen participants’ Japanese language skills as well as their knowledge of this rich far-eastern culture.

Emirati etiquette programme
The values of patriotism and belongingness to the nation are at the core of workshops under the Emirati etiquette programme. It will include the fundamentals of Emirati etiquette. Handshakes, greetings, hospitality, eating and speaking, will also be taught at the etiquette class.

Animal science programme
The chronology of animals’ life-circle, the history of their evolution, classification, forms and functions will all be discussed through theoretical lectures and practical workshops. This programme examines animal life, and will cover both multicellular and eukaryotic-cell organisms.

Sports programme
Those who sign up to this one, will be enjoy both individual and team sports like table tennis, karate, handball, basketball and swimming. Fun workouts like Zumba, aerobics as well as hip-hop sessions are also part of this programme designed to boosting the girls’ fitness levels and overall wellbeing.

Sajaya chef programme
With exciting hands-on workshops for participants beginners and as well those who’ve had some experience in the kitchen, the Sajaya chef programme will present aspiring chefs a fantastic opportunity to learn professional cooking. A Sajaya Chef Competition will be held on the last day of the programme, whose winner will be presented the ‘Sajaya Chef’ title.

Music programme
A fantastic opportunity for participants to exercise their vocal cords, enjoy singing and listening to music together, expand their knowledge of music as a whole – all at the summer programme’s fun music lessons.

The programme is open to all ladies from age 13-18. Registration is available on: https://www.sajaya-registration.com/

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