The 14th Annual ADDED’s Knowledge Forum Showcases “Innovation in Government Service”

Looking forward to digital government services and customer happiness

The 14th Annual ADDED’s Knowledge Forum Showcases
“Innovation in Government Service”

Abu Dhabi, June 24, 2019
The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has organized today the 14th annual Knowledge Forum titled “Innovation in Government Service” at its Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities – Al Ain Municipality, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), Sharjah Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi Municipality, and the Statistical Centre, Abu Dhabi.
This forum is an annual event organized by ADDED to serve its vision and efforts in supporting the exchange of knowledge and experience, reviewing experiences and practices in different fields in both government and the private sector, identifying the best smart government services in each emirate, and enhancing communications between all DEDs for the purpose of adopting the best innovative services.

The current forum’s slogan was derived from that of the last forum’s slogan of artificial intelligence which reflects the strategic vision of the ADDED in adopting the culture of innovation for providing the best digital government services, building a knowledge-based economy, and promoting competitiveness allowing the state to become one of the most innovative destinations in the world.
Mr. Anas Al Otaiba, Acting Executive Director of Corporate Support Affairs at the ADDED, stressed that that the government of Abu Dhabi through its vision has adopted innovation and leadership in the government sector as a lifestyle and work system.

He highlighted that this vision has become a beacon for not just ADDED but all government departments and authorities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. He pointed out that organizing this forum is an important step. It drives one to look forward to the future of innovation in providing high quality digital government services and enhancing the coordination and integration between all different government authorities across all emirates of the UAE.

Al Otaiba added that digital services presented by authorities participating in the forum will contribute in supporting the culture of innovation as an effective tool in developing the government services and as an essential engine of economic development. This will in turn enhance the sustainability of the UAE and its excellence in all different sectors regionally and internationally as a global centre of innovation.
The forum opens its events with a presentation titled “AlMarsad” (the Observatory) given by Mrs. Al Anood Al Afifi, Director of the ADDED’s Strategic Planning Department, who explained that AlMarsad is a smart information panel equipped with the latest techniques of artificial intelligence allowing customers to access the most important indicators of the Abu Dhabi Business Centre and the economic licensing activity. It also provides accurate data and indicators for both the ADDED and the economy of the emirate.
Al Afifi mentioned that AlMarsad provides all its users across various sectors all future visions for the reality of the economic status individually, depending on artificial intelligence techniques. All this while further pointing out that AlMarsad includes 4 main smart information departments which are “the Economic Observatory, Abu Dhabi Plan Observatory, Business Observatory, and the Institutional Observatory”.
Al Anood Al Afifi pointed out that AlMarsad includes data of over 15 local government authorities together with the most prominent and huge government projects in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. She stated that AlMarsad is electronically connected with the systems of 6 government authorities and includes data of over 50 institutional and economic reports.

She explained that AlMarsad includes 16 sub-departments of smart information. The Economic Observatory includes data of over 300 economic indicators while the Business Observatory includes data of over 100 operational indicators. The Institutional Observatory includes data of over 300 operational and strategic indicators while the Abu Dhabi Plan Observatory’s panel includes data of approximately 50 strategic indicators.

Advisor Ahmed Abdullah Al Nuaimi from the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, Al Ain Municipality, has given a presentation titled “Nashmi”, an automated robot created to serve the people of determination and meet the ambitions of customers adopting best techniques and leading practices in the service field.

Jafar Hassan Al Hashemi from Abu Dhabi Digital Authority has reviewed the integrated government project under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi Government Services (TAMM) which reflects the vision of Abu Dhabi government in providing an integrated system of government services. Jafar pointed out that this project is the first of its kind in the region as it is efficient, fast, proactive, and minimizing time and effort of completing procedures to provide an excellent customer experience.
Sharjah Department of Economic Development has highlighted its experience through a presentation titled “Digital Transformation Products” given by Ali Ahmed Al Naqbi who mentioned how Sharjah’s DED uses artificial intelligence through the interactive chatting program which offers a number of services for customers. He also focused on the smart inspection system as well as the most prominent achievements of Sharjah Department of Economic Development in the digital transformation process.

Al Naqbi mentioned that Sharjah’s DED is about to activate the blockchain technique to employ the best and latest techniques that will improve the customer experience in terms of achieving their happiness and minimizing transaction time.

During his participation in the forum, Ahmad Abdul Samad Al Hammadi from Abu Dhabi Municipality highlighted the new edition of “Saeed” (Happy) system, a modern smart and digital platform created to serve employees and to make them happier. This system comes as part of the Municipality’s vision to implement the comprehensive digital transformation project of services.

Hanan Ali Al-Marzouqi from the Statistical Centre, Abu Dhabi touched upon the “Family Optimal Spending” calculator, a smart service provided by the Centre in which a user enters a number of family data and the calculator, based on the data provided, calculates the optimal monthly income for spending and the minimum budget needed for living expenses and the amounts of money to save monthly.

The forum also witnessed a discourse in which a number of topics were discussed including how to employ the digital transformation process to innovate unprecedented digital government products and services for customers reflecting the commitment of government authorities to continuously work hard for improving work environment, quality of life, and customer satisfaction.

The forum concluded its activities by honoring the authorities for participation and presenting their leading experiences that represent an important cornerstone in changing the system of government work, creating an innovative and motivational environment that can serve the community and be part of the UAE’s renaissance.


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