Kan Yama Kan Brings 500 Books to 3,000 Children in Jordan’s Mrajeeb Al Fhood Refugee Camp

Kan Yama Kan Brings 500 Books to 3,000
Children in Jordan’s Mrajeeb Al Fhood Refugee Camp

⦁ KYK takes the proceeds of their Ramadan community book donation drive to the camp
⦁ Marwa Al Aqroubi: We bring our Emirati cultural values to the world through these initiatives

Sharjah, June 20, 2019:As part of celebrating Sharjah World Book Capital (SWBC) and continuing their efforts to bringing children and books together irrespective of their circumstances, the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) has taken its Kan Yama Kan (KYK) book distribution drive to Jordan’s Mrajeeb Al Fhood Camp, which is operated by the UAE Red Crescent Authority in Jordan.

The donation was given on World Refugee Day. 500 books have been delivered to be read and enjoyed by over 3,000 children and young adults residing there since 2014. With this latest contribution to the camp’s Big Heart Library, the total number of books and reading materials on offer has exceeded 4,000.

All 500 books were generously offered by organisations and individuals across the UAE to KYK’s 5th annual book donation drive carried out during Ramadan. KYK had put up collection boxes at the Ramadan Majlis in Al Majaz Amphitheatre in Sharjah and other popular public places.

“We bring our Emirati cultural values to the world through these initiatives”, said Marwa Al Aqroubi, President of UAEBBY and Project Manager of SWBC 2019, pointing out that the nation’s compassion and humanitarianism as well as its people’s strong understanding of the important role of books in human development, continues to fuel KYK campaign’s efforts to give less fortunate children access to books.

She added: “UAEBBY and SWBC’s vision of providing refugee children across the world with good books is clearly reflected in the KYK campaign. Books open new worlds for readers, especially children. These young refugees who live in difficult circumstances can take refuge in stories; the knowledge they gain from these books will empower them to secure their future… Of course, we look at entering into partnerships with organisations and individuals who share similar goals. Doing so in the past has always been beneficial to our efforts and to raising awareness on a wider scale about the importance of donating books”.

During their camp visit, UAEBBY curated several reading sessions for children of all age groups, offering them the opportunity to explore new story-telling styles and techniques.

Since its inception, the ‘Kan Yama Kan’ initiative has broadened the intellectual horizons of children and youth with the distribution of more than 12,000 books in the UAE, Jordan, Morocco, India and other countries. It also inaugurated a 2500-book library at the Naushera Mewat School near New Delhi last year, which has given about 1,000 Indian students access to valuable knowledge. The initiative also successfully trained the first-ever group of 14 Emirati professional bibliotherapists.

The KYK campaign was launched in November 2015 to bring books to children who live in areas with limited or no access to reading material due to constraints such as difficult social conditions, natural disasters and wars. It successfully promotes a culture of reading and alleviates the suffering of children by providing them with educational and entertainment contents that help them face the hardships and overcome the hurdles.

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