Purple Rice, Cauliflower Rice or perhaps some Zoodles?

Purple Rice, Cauliflower Rice or perhaps some Zoodles?

The new “Alternatives @ Fuchsia”  proves to be  anything but dull

With the F&B scene in Dubai forever evolving, it has become beyond crucial for restaurants in the city to constantly and consistently innovate.

For a home grown brand like Fuchsia Urban Thai that champions the space of a Thai restaurant that sticks to traditional recipes while adding a contemporary twist of their own, innovation happens when the gap between healthy food and full of flavor, colorful food is bridged.

Keeping their stance on healthy food, the restaurant believes in catering to all sorts of customers and their needs. This is why the restaurants sports multiple alternatives that are served in place of regular sides (rice or noodles) not just because their calories count is healthier, but because they add to your Thai experience a whole new flavor.

The restaurant offers an array of alternatives like purple rice, that with the additional charge of AED 5, their bloomed yet sticky nature and a color palette that swiftly moves between the shades of purple transform your experience altogether. With their high content of antioxidant compounds, purple rice proves to be healthier and helps in raising the good cholesterol in your body. Not to forget, their color makes them more camera friendly!

Fuchsia Urban Thai also offers complete vegetable alternatives for rice through their freshly wok fried cauliflower rice (additional AED 11) and noodles through their bursting-with-color zoodles. Both these alternatives serve as an option for customers that prefer foods that are to be eaten with rice but that prefer to avoid rice or noodles altogether. Fuchsia’s approach to creating healthy alternatives is unique because the team, much like everything else they do, aims not just to make a dish healthy, but also to make it equally flavorful and a visual treat to look at!

About Fuchsia Urban Thai:

Fuchsia offers a contemporary Thai experience of comfort, familiarity and excitement of the brand new. Guests can expect daily and weekly specials since the team is committed to natural and quality ingredients. With spices specially sourced from Thailand and sauces made from scratch regularly, expect an array of Thai favorites with a twist as Chef Sangwon sprinkles some magic into the dishes like their flavorful fried wok quinoa, salmon with lychee made to perfection, special house blend green curry with chicken, lamb shank with yellow curry and more. The team is committed to use natural and quality ingredients. Chef Sangwon is from Chiang Mai and has been with Fuchsia Urban Thai since Day 1. He has vast experience with Thai food and a portfolio that holds renowned names like Starwood Resorts and Hotels.

The concept is the brand child of F&B expert Tanya Azmi, who has successfully opened two dine-in Fuchsia outlets in Dubai, in Business Bay and Barsha Heights, and most recently partnered up with Deliveroo Editions.

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