E-commerce pioneer WHISPER continues to disrupt the UAE mattress industry  

E-commerce pioneer WHISPER continues to disrupt the UAE mattress industry

 WHISPER offers interactive experience akin to brick-and-mortar shopping, providing all information you need to achieve better sleep


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:Shopping for mattresses used to be relegated to traditional brick-and-mortars because of the touch-and-feel experience consumers get from the stores.  Advancements in technology, however, are allowing businesses to offer a richer experience for online shoppers, and in the UAE mattress industry, WHISPER has been the one disrupting the mattress retailing in a big way.

WHISPER, borne out by decades of research from professional sleepers and material engineers, wanted to provide more value to consumers than just offering premium mattress and pillows designed for better and more restful slumber.  Responding effectively to the major shifts driven by technology, the company became passionate about great sleep at your fingertips, eventually becoming the UAE’s pioneer in the mattress-in-a-box business model.

Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER, said, “Our core focus is to help people wake up refreshed and recharged through our products.  However, we wanted to go further and provide more value to customers.  Recognizing the tremendous opportunities in the UAE the e-commerce sector, we saw that the local mattress industry was ripe for distribution and thus, WHISPER came to be to shake up the traditional bed and mattress business.”

Dominik further explained that giving more value to customers meant providing them so much more than what they get from traditional stores.  WHISPER offers a 100-night risk free trial of their premium mattress with money back guarantee unlike other companies that offer no trial period or only extremely short ones. “We are offering this because we want our customers to be sure that they are buying the mattress that is the right fit,” Dominik said.  WHISPER also provides a 12-year warranty.

According to the global business consulting firm Bain & Company, e-commerce is now a US$ 2.2 trillion market and is growing annually at 24%. Its contribution to the global retail industry has been growing phenomenally – from 7% in 2012 to 39% in 2017 and is expected to surpass 50% by 2020.  In the MENA region, the e-commerce market has grown to US$ 8.3 billion with an annual growth of 25%, which is slightly ahead of the global average. The UAE, with an e-commerce penetration rate of 4.2%, is the most advanced online retail market in the region, easily convincing Dominik that online shopping should not be confined to fast moving consumer goods alone.

“In today’s digital age, the customer gets what he wants at his own convenience, and this is why retailers have to become more innovative to remain relevant to the consumers,” Dominik explained.  “WHISPER acknowledges the many benefits of online shopping, foremost of which is convenience.  You can shop anytime you want even in the comfort of your home, without shelling out extra amount that covers the retailer’s mark ups and overhead costs.  The WHISPER mattress and pillows were created to be superior to others, but at a price point that is accessible to a CEO as well as his staff!”

Despite its huge success in pioneering the mattress-in-a-box business model, WHISPER continues to reinvent itself and stay competitive by being customer-centric.  “Excellent customer service is a core value for the WHISPER brand.  Delivery within 24 hours is a commitment,” Dominik said.

Commenting on how WHISPER was able to gain the trust of customers who still prefer the touch-and-feel experience, Dominik said, “While it is true that mattresses are high-touch products that consumers want to experience before buying, we at WHISPER never saw it as a challenge for an online business model.  Because many people don’t really know how to shop for a mattress, we created our e-shopping platform to be centred on education.  Agents are available online to help customers on information about our products and how they can help them sleep better.  It’s like giving them an interactive experience similar to shopping in a physical store.”

On top of these WHISPER does not compromise on quality.  Their mattress and pillows are made of Quantum foam, which is breathable and – unlike memory foam – keeps you cool at night and protects you from bacteria and dust mites.  With hygiene top of mind, WHISPER uses real silver yarn in their products, which naturally ionize and prevent bacteria, dust mites and bad smells.  Also integrated into the foundation fabric of the WHISPER mattress is the Silver Shield, a grounding technology developed by the company to prevent any electromagnetic (EMF) waves from entering one’s sleeping area. Several studies have confirmed that electronics such as TVs, phones, and computers emit harmful EMF waves that disrupt sleep.

“WHISPER is the only mattress and pillow brand that adjusts to your DNA for the comfort you deserve. Guaranteeing that our customers will get this kind of relaxing sleep experience from our products, plus offering an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience, we will continue to work harder to make sure WHISPER remains at the forefront of the mattress industry,” Dominik concluded.

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