Father’s Day is an important celebration for Fabergé. Peter Carl Fabergé inherited his father’s jewellery shop from where he built his legendary artist jeweller empire and so, this Father’s Day, Fabergé honour not only that special gift, but pay tribute to their reputation for elegance and innovation with a collection of the finest cufflinks and timepieces any father could hope to own.

Timepieces have always been at the heart of Fabergé’s story. In many families, they are handed down from father to son, a lifelong heirloom which becomes a legacy.

Peter Carl designed exquisite clocks and found ingenious ways of incorporating movements into his rich repertoire of objects d’art. Today, Fabergé presents contemporary versions of these original pieces, including the Visionnaire DTZ Gold – with its award winning movement and brushed gold and titanium case; the Visionnaire Chronograph Ceramic – with its ceramic and titanium case topped by a domed sapphire crystal, and the Altruist 18 Karat Rose Gold – with a guilloche dial and blue steel hands fitting as perfectly on the wrist as they do in Fabergé’s history.

The relationship between the Tsar’s Imperial Court and the House of Fabergé first started when Fabergé exhibited in the 1882 Moscow Pan-Russian Exhibition and the Empress Maria Fedorovna purchased a pair of cufflinks – the first ever Fabergé purchase by the Imperial Family.

The contemporary cufflink collection draws inspiration from the historic cufflinks, dress-sets and cigarette cases created in the early 20th century. This offering includes the Ruby Red Enamel Cufflinks featuring cabochon ruby centre stones with red guilloché enamel set in 18 karat rose gold, the White Gold Emerald Fluted Domed Cufflinks with round emeralds set in 18 karat white gold and the Ruby Rose Gold Fluted Cufflinks with rubies, set in 18 karat rose gold.

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