Prime Hospital is accredited by the Australian Health Care Standards Board

Prime Hospital is accredited by the Australian Health Care Standards Board

A Milestone achievement demonstrates the excellence in world-class health care and services provided at the hospital.

Dubai, May 2019:Prime Hospital, has recently been granted a new accreditation by the Australian Health Care Standards (ACHS), a globally-recognized healthcare organization that aims to ensure the highest quality and safety standards in patient care. ACHS international accreditation in 2019 follows the JCI accreditation which was received in 2015.

Through this achievement, Prime Hospital has proven to raise the international standard of quality of care delivered to the patients who deserve the best healthcare treatment and strives to meet the international standards in healthcare services in the Emirate as part of Dubai Health Strategy 2021.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director of Prime Healthcare Group, said that Patient safety and ethical practice are at the center of all that we do. Prime Hospital has been recognized with full accreditation by two of the top accrediting bodies worldwide: the ACHS- Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI EQuiP6), and the Joint Commission International (JCI), considered the gold standard in global health care accreditation. Our team continually strives to ensure a patient’s healthcare journey with us is an excellent experience, taking place within a network built on foundations of knowledge, advanced technology and compassion.

Dr. Jamil noted the importance of obtaining specialized recognition of the quality of services provided to contribute to the development and improving the UAE’s vision of a health system with international standards and pointed out that ACHS accreditation as a milestone achievement will lead to the upgrading of health services and our commitment to providing quality care that meets the highest international health care standards in safety and quality in Prime Hospital & Prime Healthcare Group in general.

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) is recognized as the leading healthcare accreditation body in Australia. It has now established an international quality healthcare accreditation program through ACHS International (ACHSI). Being accredited by the (ACHSI EquiP6), Prime Hospital is a proud member of an international group of first-class medical institutions that are founded on: A patient focus in care and service provision, Effective leadership, Continuous improvement & Constant striving for best practice.

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