Benefit Cosmetics’ Expert Tips on Eid Makeup

Benefit Cosmetics’ Expert Tips on Eid Makeup

May 2019 : We love to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with our family! Nothing beats a warm gathering that brings everyone together. During Eid, you’re bound to meet everybody: closest family members and distant relatives. We know how serious it is to pick the right outfit and glam for it.

A subtle smoky-eye look is pretty for a family gathering: For darker irises, browns and bronzes really bring out the gold flecks in the eyes and yield a softer effect than traditional charcoal. For lighter eyes, try varying shades of plum to make blue and green eyes sparkle.

Apply the mascara in the “traditional” way, with the wand held horizontally. Then, wiggle the wand into the lashes at the base before combing the lashes through. Next, take the ball-tip of the wand of They’re Real! Mascara (hold it vertically) and push every lash up and out at the outer corners of the lashes.

Sweeping a pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks flatters most face shapes. We love using our cult Dandelion blush. For a healthy glow on the upper portion of your cheekbones, Watts Up! is a pearlescent highlighter that works on a range of skin tones.

Now let’s talk about your brows! Brush them and slowly start filling in the brows by applying soft hair strokes with Precisely, my Brow Pencil. This creates the illusion of fuller brows. Set your bomb brows with the 24-HR Brow Setter Clear Gel. This product works amazing at setting in any brow look without ruining your makeup.
Add a bit of lip gloss and enjoy the celebrations!

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