As the time of celebrations approach, we are delighted to present the beautiful timepieces, ending your search for the perfect Eid gift for him or her.

Whether you want to impress him with sharp, modern designs or her with elegantly studded diamonds, there is something waiting for everyone.

  1. Fendi Timepieces Forever Fendi

The Forever Fendi Collection expresses timeless elegance. Its distinctive bracelet, the highlight of the timepiece, draws inspiration from the Roman Maison’s signature. Diamonds, mother-of-pearl and genuine stones come together in a sophisticated watch design. Feminine yet signature, the Forever Fendi represents a tribute to the FENDI’s heritage, thanks to the iconic interlocking FF logo shaped central links on the bracelet. Distinguished by a contrasting interplay of finishes and colors, the bracelet stands out in the overall design. Flowing naturally around the wrist, the Forever Fendi timepiece reflects FENDI’s love for high quality materials together with daring experimentation.

The Forever Fendi collection starts from AED 5005

  1. Run Away Elaphe Edition

Celebrating the Roman Maison’s unique mastery of materials, the Run Away Elaphe Edition bears the spirit of therenowned Run Away Collection and features an unexpected combination of polished two-tone stainless steel case and exotic leather.  The new Run Away watch is presented on a genuine elaphe leather strap, each one boasting its unique scale pattern. Bringing exotic flair to the wrist, the Run Away Elaphe Edition is an eye-catching accessory merging watchmaking and FENDI’s unparalleled leather craftsmanship.

Run Away Elaphe Edition is priced at AED 4250

  1. Run Away Bracelet

The Run Away Watch Collection is now complemented with versions featuring a refined bracelet adorned with an F is FENDI logo, in echo with the watch case design. The unexpected upside-down logo stands out on the bracelet wrapping elegantly around the wrist. The bracelet is delicately integrated into the case, revealing linear geometries of its interlocking links. The circular F is FENDI logo applied on the bracelet at 12 and 6 o’clock brings a playful twist to this signature Collection

Run Away Bracelet Edition, 36 mm, set with diamonds is priced at 10,210 AED

Run Away Bracelet Edition, 41 mm is prices at 3,805 AED

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