Featuring the all new Charcoal and Mexican menu for that sweet something this season

May 2019, Dubai, UAE – Summer season is here and who doesn’t scream for ice-cream? Homegrown concept, Scoopi café’s just got what you need!

Enter the delicious Charcoal and Mexican menu! The menu features unbeatable flavors of ice creams served with Charcoal Tacos & Charcoal Waffles. Tempting Charcoal Platters are served with variety of ice creams of your choice & drizzled with lip smacking sauces. The new menu with its Mexican touch paired with ice creams is promising to be delightful.

The delicious Nachos are served with a twist, either topped with Dark Chocolates & Berries, Nutella & Strawberry or Blueberry & Cream Cheese flavors & more innovative combinations. Charcoal Belgian Waffles, Charcoal Bubble Waffles are some great additions too!  Freshly done waffles paired with ice-cream make blissful bites.

For that reason, Homegrown concept, Scoopi café invites you to treat yourself and beloved ones with their ever-growing menu of tasty treats, bound to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings during the holy month.

Scoopi Café is guided by the basic values that they began with, and always will be including, Originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.

Authenticity: Keeping it real, they create their own chocolate and ice cream recipes. Scoopi devote extraordinary attention to the quality of their products guaranteeing delivery of the most excellent and fresh range of flavors. Their production teams use meticulous artisan skills combined with the latest in modern manufacturing, high levels of training, equipment and techniques to create chocolates and ice creams that both look and taste delicious.



Charcoal Tacos – AED 54

Charcoal Belgian Waffles – AED 48

Mexican Nachos – AED 48

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