School Transport Services (STS) kicks off kindness campaign

School Transport Services (STS) kicks off kindness campaign during Ramadan in the Year of Tolerance

STS launches month-long ‘Stuff the Bus with Kindness’ campaign that brings together students of 100 different nationalities to highlight unity, kindness and helping those in need
STS underlines importance of educating students to do good deeds for others

Date: 15 May 2019  : Dubai, UAE: School Transport Services (STS) has launched the ‘Stuff the Bus with Kindness’ campaign during the Holy Month of Ramadan and to coincide with the Year of Tolerance marked by the UAE in 2019.

As part of the campaign, 100 students of 100 different nationalities from GEMS Founders School Al Barsha are encouraged to adopt an act of kindness which they will write down on a leaf. The STS school bus will be stuffed with all these ‘kindness leaves’ that will be used to make a formation of the logo of the ‘Year of Tolerance’ on a 3m x 3 me area, which will then be stationed in the bus throughout the month.

To keep the momentum going throughout Ramadan, STS will encourage students to be super kind by doing good deeds and to collect items for donation. This bus will travel to over 82 schools in the UAE during Ramadan and students and parents are encouraged to donate school items and supplies to be donated to Emirates Red Crescent.

Further, students from various schools across the UAE are making a formation of the logo of the ‘Year of Tolerance’ – the Ghaf tree, a symbol of giving and coexistence – using school supplies collected from 82 schools in the region.

The month-long campaign centres around bringing together students of over 104 nationalities living in the UAE to help those in need.

Steve Burnell, Managing Director of School Transport Services, said: “The Holy Month of Ramadan is important to us and the Stuff the Bus Campaign is time to focus and support those that require support those less privileged around the world. This year, in light of the UAE Year of Tolerance, it is fantastic to see so many students from over 100 nationalities living in the UAE, come together to help the less fortunate by donating items to Emirates Red Crescent.”

With this, STS is highlighting the importance in educating students on kindness, and how communities can come together to help others. It encourages every individual to be a kindness ‘hero’ by collecting items for donation.

About School Transport Services

School Transport Services LLC (STS) is one of the leading school bus service providers in the UAE with multiple accolades and awards for implementing the best in class standards and practices for Safety, security and efficient student and mass transportation.
STS currently provides service to 81,000+ students of 83+ schools, every day, in the UAE in their 3,200+ SMART buses.

The STS service model consistently endeavours to keep itself an ahead of other bus operators in terms of our service offering and the technological innovation we provide; to enhance the level of Safety, assurance and quality for students.
Our commitment to the community is that we will stay ahead of the regulatory requirements and use global industry best practice to develop our services and never compromise on Safety.

We stand by our values of being Safe, Timely and Smart.


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