The diabetic Emirati patient almost lost her leg due to insufficient blood supply

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 May 2019 – Zulekha Hospital restored the normal walk of 44-year-old, Emirati Najia Hassan when she presented herself at the hospital with sever ulcers on her leg. The ulcers had not been healing for over three months and Najia was unable to straighten her leg and became wheel chair bound for over a month.

Dr. Anil Bansal, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Zulekha Hospital Dubai carried out tests to source the problem and it was discovered that the patient had diabetes along with three stents in arteries in her leg from a previous surgery at another hospital in UAE. The tests also showed that the arteries had re-blocked along with an additional artery which was also 95% blocked.

People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing atherosclerosis, a condition where the arteries become narrowed and hardened due to a build-up of plaque around the artery wall. When inadequate blood supply is caused by the blockage in the arteries it is not uncommon that diabetes can cause ulcers on the leg or foot area. Unfortunately, the advanced formulation of lack of blood supply and infection in this case was as a result of not undergoing immediate treatment when the problem occurred.
Dr. Bansal commented: “The severe ulcers on the patient’s leg are caused by diabetes and the lack of blood supply prevented the sores from healing. We opened up the artery using a balloon stent to allow the blood supply to pass through the leg properly and to heal the ulcers.”

A skin graft was also added to the area with the ulcers to aid the healing and the patient is now doing well and able to walk around. “When Najia arrived at Zulekha Hospital, her leg was in such bad condition that she was close to losing her leg, we are very happy that she came to us so that we could save her leg, and therefore, her quality of life,” continued Dr. Bansal.

The patient commented: “I was unfortunate to experience this through a previous incorrect diagnosis and treatment caused by my diabetes. I am very happy with the professional level of service and expertise provided by Dr. Bansal and Zulekha Hospital so that I did not lose my leg and I’m able to walk again.”

The procedure took just over an hour to complete and the patient went through regular rehab. Dr. Bansal mentioned that it is important to keep control of the diabetes to make sure no more blood infections can be caused.

About Zulekha Healthcare Group http://www.zulekhahospitals.com
Zulekha Healthcare Group is among the forerunners in UAE healthcare. Today the Zulekha Healthcare Group includes two multidisciplinary hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, as well as four UAE medical centres and four pharmacies providing specialised treatments in over 30 disciplines. The Group is also opening a multidisciplinary Hospital in India. Zulekha Hospital has received extensive recognition for its commitment towards quality care and sustainable business practices, and recently received the prestigious Dubai Quality Award for the second time in four years, underling a commitment to providing high quality healthcare to patients and society.

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