Sustainability needs holistic approach, says Gemini CEO……

Sustainability needs holistic approach, says Gemini CEO while stressing on knowledge sharing to raise awareness

Property developers and partners need to form their own knowledge associations and work with governmental bodies for the betterment of all, Sunil P. Gomes, CEO of Gemini Property Developers, tells delegates at the Construction Innovation Conference

Dubai, UAE, May 03, 2019: Sustainability requires a holistic approach in order to make a significant improvement in our lives and environment, a top official of Gemini Property Developers, told delegates at the Construction Innovation Conference recently.

“Sustainability is holistic in real estate development and must be part of everyday life not just in the concrete and glass,” Sunil Paul Gomes, Chief Executive Officer of Gemini Property Developers, said.

“If we look at our lifestyle, communication from home to office or travel, there are so many ways that we could reduce our carbon footprint, beyond the real estate sector.

“We have one of the most modern metro systems and bus services in the world, with the growing population utilising it more each day. Sustainability should be part of our lifestyle and not be limited to just buildings.”

Construction and operation of buildings contribute around 40 percent of worldwide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, according to research. However, products such as ‘green cement’ could reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by up to 30 percent, according to latest information.

Reducing embodied carbon requires a fundamental change in the approach to design and wastage. Any reduction in carbon emissions will need to come as a result of changes to existing properties, as well as adjusting the design approach in new build developments.

Gemini Property Developers has handed over our Dh300 million maiden Splendor residential project at the Mohammed Bin Rashid City. Its second project Symphony at Dubai’s Business Bay area is estimated for completion before the historic Expo 2020.

Stressing on the need for greater collaboration among real estate industry stakeholders, Sunil Gomes, who brings more than 30 years of expertise in real estate, underlined the need for knowledge sharing across all facets of the real estate spectrum, “so that we all improve together,” he said.

“Developers and partners need to form their own knowledge associations and work with governmental bodies for the betterment of all,” he said.

Gemini Property Developers, a Dubai-based boutique real estate developer, focuses on sustainable development. It’s maiden project, Splendor, installed the latest sustainable technology to reduce carbon footprint.

Editor’s Notes
About Gemini Property Developers:
Gemini Property Developers is the real estate division of Gemini Energy Group, one of the well-known business groups in the Middle East and India. Gemini Group has around 30 years of successful business experience in various fields, including oil and gas, Testing and Inspection services, Trading and allied fields.

Founded in 1986 by Sudhakar R. Rao, the group was originally started as Sievert Group, specializing in technical Testing and Inspection before recently divesting that business to a French multinational giant.

Gemini group has plans to develop state-of-the-art yet affordable luxury properties across the region, adhering to highest standards of quality in design, technology and materials. It strives to build a reputation based on quality, efficiency, meticulous planning, top quality amenities, practical designs, timely completion and hand-over of projects.

About Gemini Group:
Gemini Group has a three-decade old legacy of trust, credibility and commitment. Spread over Middle East and India, the group’s ventures include Gemini Property Developers – a boutique real estate development company; Legacy Finvest Pvt. Ltd – the group’s wealth management arm and Gemini Energy – providing broad ranging expertise to the Energy and Infrastructure industries. The Group has also recently founded its CSR arm under the banner of Gemini Global Hope Foundation.

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