Fashionistas were fascinated by the extraordinary collection ….

Fashionistas were fascinated by the extraordinary collection of the following designers on 27th April during Arab Fashion Week.
1422 stands for “1 Council For 22 Countries” an iconic space specifically created and dedicated for luxury shopping, custom made fashion and lifestyle experience.

Red Skys – UAE

RED SKYS showcased streetwear collection, the pieces distinguished raw edges & finishing, a combination of new textures and patterns, accidental looking paint splatter, and an occasional look of restoration. “We take pride in the fact that this means each
piece is unique in its own way. Being a luxury brand means that we value exquisite craftsmanship while our roots in street wear means to recognize the importance of sketched art effects and deliberately tampered graphics”, said Awaleh Beileh (designer). RED SKYS deeply emphasizes on revitalizing a connection with street fashion while at the same time rethinking the parameters of luxury street wear. By analyzing the spectrum going from grunge to luxury fashion, the brand brings to light aspects that they know can strengthen the community of consumers.


FAD Institute of Fashion Art and Design unveiled 15 emerging designers to showcase collections. The talents presented collections on respective ideations musing from concepts of anti-fashion, asymmetries, minimalism from a maximalist’s mind, subtle flowy silhouettes and some using contrasted vivid hues constructed to line up as visual pieces of ready-to-wear art.
About FAD
FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style Dubai excels in delivering world-class professional training in Luxury, Fashion & Style in the Middle East & contributes to the greater vision of UAE to rise as a global industry epicenter in Fashion & Luxury. Every quarter, FAD brings together local and international students to experience industry tutored courses that provide the platform for emerging talents to connect, learn and engage with the ever evolving fashion industry in Dubai.

Krie Design
Croatian fashion brand Krie Design founded by Kristina Burja showcased Green Fashion. Krie Design core belief is that fashion can be at the same time ethical and affordable. During all phases of their process they try to use sustainable materials and textiles, and continuously work to reduce waste and minimize the energy consumption.  As materials play the key role in their brand sustainability, they opt for organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic silk, recycled polyester & polyamide. It is all about taking on daily basis all the efforts required in order to have a sustainable development and a raising awareness in the whole fashion industry.
Mia Couture – France

Mia Couture designer Assa Sacko presented exclusive wedding dresses as part of its collection in 2019. A collection has the image of the brand – chic, elegant and refined. Assa is a 25-year-old French woman passionate about fashion and haute couture after studying in international trade and many trips around the world. Despite her age she knew how to impose herself on the French march of the high-seam of wedding dress.

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