Young Artists Get Hands-on with Character Designing at SCRF 2019

Young Artists Get Hands-on with Character Designing at SCRF 2019

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival uses cartooning elements to teach social relationships, reflecting a humorous style of thinking

Sharjah, April 23, 2019:Deploying essential cartooning elements, some of the simplest and the most effective representations are achieved through minimalist techniques. Introducing playful, quirky characters who often convey powerful messages, was a workshop dedicated to the art of creating cartoons, at the 11th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.


Depending on one’s storytelling, one’s hero may be an average guy who’s thrown into the midst of a harrowing circumstances or the hero could be a girl stepping into her rightful place as a warrior queen. But developing these characters can be challenging. Teaching a group of 12 students, is Shehab, who instructs these children on basic cartoon shapes as a starter.


For example, it’s from a circle that you define the basic proportions of your character’s head, particularly who represent happiness and positivity. A square symbolises seriousness and a triangle with pointed ends stands for everything that’s evil. Thus, imparting knowledge on basic elements of character designs and paneling for comics, the children learn to play around with different geometrical shapes to develop various character personalities with happy, angry or surprised faces.


Other tricks involve adding more emotions with big and exaggerated features that create better personae for the characters. Then different hair styles represent age and personality traits. Creating more realistic details would entail pupil size in a face, thickness of eyebrows, expressive eyelashes, small or big nose and style and length of hair.


Thus, the workshop saw a professional training set that built interesting characters, based on comic events, reiterating it’s a kind of art that shows all types of events or conditions related to social relationships, reflecting a humorous style of thinking.


SCRF is one of the most important cultural events meant for children in the UAE and wider region. Over the years, it has developed into an integrated programme, that contributes to enriching the knowledge of visitors, through its plethora of activities, garnering participation of organisations and centres dedicated to children.

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