Chef Dario Tosses Up Quick-n-easy Quesadillas at SCRF 2019

Chef Dario Tosses Up Quick-n-easy Quesadillas at SCRF 2019
Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s cookery corner is making exciting
new culinary discoveries possible for young visitors  

Sharjah, April 23, 2019:Teaching a bunch of aspiring chefs and curious onlookers about the folded tortilla which is a perfect combination of old and new world ingredients, Chef Dario smilingly shares with everyone its preparation technique, made of meat, cheese and some veggies.


Explaining the history of its origin Dario narrates quesadillas were developed after Spanish settlers who arrived in Mexico during the 16th century. Turnovers (filled pastries) were quite popular in Medieval Spain. Old world ingredients, such as cheese, chicken or turkey were combined with new world foods such as tortilla to create this mouth-watering recipe.


“I travel around the world to children of different age groups, how to cook. My students are anywhere between 2 to 18 years old. Kids usually have a blast helping with these quick, easy, colourful and yummy quesadilla. They can use salad knives made of plastic to chop the vegetables, then use their imagination and creativity to arrange them on bread, add seared meat and grate some cheese on top, which most children love,” said Dario.


Talking about SCRF he added, “children should be inducted into cooking at an early age, as it is one of key life skills. Sharjah has not only been a great host, but to organise an event of this scale dedicated to children, with separate live cooking stations is simply amazing. Such activities help them to engage their different senses especially the sense of smell. Some of them are adventurous eaters, while others are hesitant eaters. Therefore, inviting kids into the kitchen to help you cook can be a great way to create quality time together and help your child learn and refine some basic skills”.


The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s daily culinary corner is introducing appetising recipes that are tailor made for kids. Held under the theme ‘Explore Knowledge’, SCRF’s 11-day event’s calendar from April 17-27, features 130 culinary activities and cooking stations that are showcasing the creative skills of several chefs through a wide range of healthy and new recipes. Top nutritionists are also sharing healthy diets and tips for visitors, through a series of workshops and seminars.



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