How to Get Your Brows Ready for the Weekend with Benefit Cosmetics

How to Get Your Brows Ready for the Weekend with Benefit Cosmetics
The “Weekend Brows” Look By Menat El Abd, Benefit Cosmetics Regional Brow Artist:

April 2019 : Weekend is where the fun is at! And of course, with Benefit Cosmetics, the fun never ends! With its variant products in the brow collection and with my guidance and help, you will know exactly what the brow looks to go for this weekend! All you need are the right products and just follow my lead! We’ll start with natural brows that are “brunch-ready” to dramatic brows that are “ready-to-party”! All in one look, yes! This transitional look will be so easy to achieve and can be done in no time!

Before you start off with the steps, make sure your brows waxed and fresh! The best way to do so is to visit Benefit Brow Bar near you and get those brows pampered and cleaned up! We take brows very seriously over here as Benefit Cosmetics has more than 40 years of experience in brow waxing and shaping, which means we know the best for you and for your brows! Not only that but you’ll definitely enjoy the experience at the Brow Bar as you can always try out the variety of services offered for you and for your brows! These brows deserve all the love and attention, so treat yourself at one of Benefit’s Brow Bar with our offered services from brow waxing and brow mapping to brow tinting! Now that we have clean brows, we can start with the steps!

For the “Brunch Ready” Brows:
Every weekend, we like to start our mornings looking fresh and pulled together in the most natural way. For those times, just fix your brows! All you need is your favorite brow pencil, a mirror and only 2 steps to follow! For the first part of this look, adding some brow nurturing to your schedule will go a long way in the future. Therefore, I always like to recommend starting off your morning routine with some essential brow care!

BROWVO! Conditioning Primer:
We’re starting off the look with the one and only, BROWVO! Conditioning Primer. Adding this to your routine will make a huge difference and you’ll thank me soon! It is one of my favorite tricks that help me maintain the brow shape and grow my brows thicker. This product has all the ingredients to prime and nurture the brows to become fuller in only 21 days! You will not wait too long to see the difference, trust me! Brush the brows with the applicator as your first step then wait for it to dry up so we can move on with the next step!

Precisely, My Brow Pencil:
Now that we’re done with our brow care for the day, it’s time to get into business! For early mornings and brunch outings, we tend to go less with makeup but that doesn’t mean we leave the brows alone! For a natural, effortless brow look, grab your Precisely, My Brow Pencil and start shaping your brows. But remember, before we start shaping, let’s start brushing. At the end of the pencil, you will find the spoolie brush to brush the brows. Once we’re done with brushing, you will be able to identify the gaps that need to be filled in. Not only that but you will also see that this brow pencil is thin and has a precise tip that will help you draw natural-looking hair strokes in no time. One more thing, do me a favor and don’t forget to always blend any harsh lines with the spoolie brush right after! It makes a huge difference when you brush to blend the overall look!

For the “Ready-to-Party” Brows:
Night time is here, and it is time to change our morning brows to night brows! No need for make up removers because I have the right products for you to transition this look so smoothly and in no time! What I love about the night brow look is that it’s dramatic, fierce and screams “Ready-to-Party”! I want those brows to speak for themselves, that’s the goal, girl!

Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit:
This is the brow kit you need with you! The reason why it’s so ideal for a weekend brow look is because it will help you transition your brow look into a sexier dramatic one in no time. This product has it all! It comes with a tweezer to remove stray hairs and to clean up the brow area and it comes with a dual brush that helps you to apply both wax and powder. This will help to create an over dramatized fade where the brow is significantly lighter in the front then gets deeper in color as you move throughout the brow to the end. Since we’ve created already a soft beginning using Precisely, My Brow Pencil in the morning, we will begin creating a more defined finish towards the end of the brows using the Brow Zings. To achieve this look, apply the pigmented wax to the brows with the angled brush to create shape & definition. Set it using the blending brush to apply the brow setting powder! And of course, blend everything together by brushing the brows using a spoolie brush.
Gimme Brow+:
To set this look for the whole night, you can never go wrong with Gimme Brow+. This product works amazingly at setting, volumizing and adding a bit of tint to your overall look. All you need to do is to grab the brow mascara gel and gently brush the brows diagonally upwards to set everything in place. This step will make the overall look brow-mazing!
High Brow Pencil:
To wrap this look up, let’s lift these brows with the right product before heading out. And of course, you can’t lift those brows up high without using your High Brow Pencil, right?! Grab your High Brow Pencil and apply it right under the brows to lift them up. To blend away, no need for any brushes or blenders, all you need is your finger to blend. The formula is so smooth and it will not ruin your eye makeup look at all. You will be able to see how this step gives you a lifted, clean finish for your brows.

And there you have it! A 2-in-1 transitional brow look that you can achieve over the weekend in no time! Forget about your make up remover and just make sure you pack up the right brow products with you and you will be good to go!

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