Young Artists Create ‘Talking Pictures’ at SCRF 2019

Young Artists Create ‘Talking Pictures’ at SCRF 2019

Children’s books texts and young imaginations come together at this unique illustration workshop at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival



Sharjah, 17 April 2019: Bringing interactive workshops that cover techniques on how to turn short stories for children into illustrations, was among the inaugural sessions that rolled out the 11th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2019), today.


While writing an excellent story for a children’s book is only half the battle, even the most engaging plots simply won’t come to life without vivid illustrations to match the text. Shaimaa Subhi who is a member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Fine Arts held a workshop on these lines, suggesting the main actions in the spread of a book using engaging illustrations techniques. Divided in teams of four, 15 young school girls in Sharjah, were engrossed in creating a children’s picture book.


These girls were handed out references, hoping to spring inspiration. The reference photos of animals like owls and snakes were aimed at creating a mood board for each sketch – varying the opacity and flow, using pencil drawing techniques. Each sketch varied in tone and texture – with a smooth finish or ‘toothiness’.


Explaining the importance of turning short stories for children into illustrations that lead to picture stories, Shaimaa Subhi said, “The main objective of the workshop is to turn the text into illustration. So, each girl is translating the text into a picture book employing her own style, technique, imagination and vision. I also think that regardless of the art you want to create, you should always work on your drawing and painting skills first”.

She further said, “Children are first taught the rules and once they become proficient at it, they learn themselves to think out of the box and break the rules. This enables them to express themselves, put forth their vision, their interpretation and understanding of the text. So, initially, we support the girls verbally by walking them through the text, then our aim is to assist them visually to develop the story. I always teach my students that art is a state of mind, it’s like an experience that is to be lived. These young impressionable minds have to be honed into developing their own perspectives and versions using different genres, pushing them towards greater creativity, as they are our future and the people of tomorrow”.


This activity will be held everyday until the end of the festival on Saturday, April 27.



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