SCRF 2019 Visitors Have a Peek into the ‘Green Blender’ Lifestyle

SCRF 2019 Visitors Have a Peek into the ‘Green Blender’ Lifestyle

Chef at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival shares with youngsters simple secrets to healthy eating

Sharjah, April 18, 2019:With balancing a professional and personal life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not first on many people’s ‘to do’ list. Starting one’s day with a big mug of coffee loaded with sugar may not be the best thing to reach out for.

Taking people away from this morning addiction, was guest chef June Lourd, who brought a power-packed smoothie recipe to audiences at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2019)’s Cookery Corner.

As many people rely on the caffeine boost to wake up and keep them going through lunchtime, a healthy smoothie is a marvellous alternative, and can keep one equally focused as its packed with essential nutrients the body requires to function at an optimal. “People always find excuses. They either don’t have the two minutes required to make a smoothie, or feel organic vegetables are too expensive,” said Lourd.  

“But the idea is to gravitate towards healthy, clean ingredients that can be prepared quickly, with minimum effort. I also feel, keeping in line with the theme of the festival, ‘Explore Knowledge’, children should be allowed into kitchens at an early age. This will help them learn more about ingredients and create their own simple meals, right from scratch!”  

Young participants at the culinary event then huddled in groups to prepare an energy-boosting beverage with readily available ingredients like blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and grapes. Smoothies not only energise you, but can work wonders for one’s mood, mental health, and weight management.

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s daily culinary corner is bustling with mouth-watering cuisines and recipes. Held under the theme ‘Explore Knowledge’, SCRF’s 11-day event’s calendar from April 17-27, will feature 130 culinary activities and cooking stations that will showcase the creative skills of several chefs through a wide range of healthy and new recipes. Top nutritionists will also share healthy diets and tips for visitors of the festival, through a series of workshops and seminars.

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