IKEA shares insights on how environmental changes will help new parents manage their baby’s sleep

IKEA shares insights on how environmental changes will help new parents manage their baby’s sleep

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17 April 2019: IKEA, the region’s favourite Swedish home-furnishing retailer, understands the struggles new parents go through when learning to manage their new baby’s sleeping patterns.

Well rested sleep is essential for both the baby and the parents and the environment that surrounds them, including furniture and textiles, plays an important role in creating caring, healthy and safe sleeping conditions.

For a baby, getting a good night’s sleep rests their bodies, prepares them to grow and build a strong immune system and helps develop the brain and muscles. For parents, getting a good night’s sleep means being able to wake up in the morning refreshed and with the energy they need to care for the baby.

With a baby’s health and well-being in mind, Children’s IKEA strives to develop products that are as comfortable as they’re safe. However, few parents are aware of the impact the environment the baby is surrounded in has on their sleeping and resting patterns.

IKEA has invested in creating furniture, bedding and accessories designed to provide the best sleeping environment for both babies and parents rest. While IKEA doesn’t have influence on all causes that may disrupt a baby’s sleeping patterns, it has identified factors that can have a positive implication. Comfort, air, sound, light, and safety all play a role in creating a good night’s sleep essential for health and well-being. Through the choice of mattresses, quilts and pillows, personal comfort is achieved, complimented with beautiful beds, bed linen, curtains, cushions and rugs that can cover all the needs of a baby in an easy and affordable way.

The GULSPARV textile collection is designed in a beautiful traditional style, with a handicraft feeling and beautiful details. Making a soft, safe and dreamy bubble for your baby, the collection includes quilt covers, a rug, blanket and curtains. The bed textiles are made in a classic, wavy seersucker fabric and woven in 100% sustainably grown cotton, a natural material that gets softer with every wash and makes a safe choice for your baby, as well as the environment.

Rocking a baby to sleep is an old trick used by many parents. The SOLGUL cradle is inspired by older cradles but made with the latest and toughest safety requirements. The size and height have also been considered to allow for the cradle to be close to parents’ bed so they can easily stretch out an arm if the baby wakes up at night.

IKEA understand that new parents aim to create a haven for their newborn, a caring environment for nursing, bonding and spending precious moments together. IKEA’s solutions support the transition of the home to make it ready to welcome a new, tiny family member.



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