Get Beach Ready with Joseph & Alexander’s new SS19 ‘Mini & Me’ Collection

Get Beach Ready with Joseph & Alexander’s new SS19 ‘Mini & Me’ Collection

This season, environmentally conscious fashion label, Joseph & Alexander, launches its quirky Spring Summer 19 Collection of unique ‘Mini & Me’ mother-daughter swimwear made out of recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink, and reusable packaging.

This collection introduces the sister line which includes three new pretty matching “mother & daughter” swimsuit designs – “Seashells”, “Waves” and “Coral Acropora”.  Please do let us know if you’re interested in featuring any of the pieces?
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The SS19 collection will be available to shop online from 28th April 2019.

Mini & Me Price: Girls: $58 – $65/215 – 240 AED, Women: $90/330 AED

“Seashells” is inspired by the empty seashells that are washed ashore and become quintessential beach holiday memorabilia. However, environmentalists note that taking shells from a beach can disrupt the local ecology, from increasing erosion to taking nest-building materials from birds to preventing algae from seeking shelter in the shells. “Taking one or two shells from a beach probably won’t have a major impact —but if every beachgoer were to take a couple of shells, the effects could be significant,” explains Alana Sorokin, brand Founder.
The design “Waves” is inspired by the ocean tides caused by the Earth rotating while the Moon and Sun’s gravitational pull acts on ocean water. “About 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans. Some marine animals often take advantage of currents to migrate several miles to and from breeding areas” shares Sorokin.

Corals play an important role underwater because they are not only animals, but a marine habitat to other marine species as well. In fact, about 25 percent of the world’s marine species depend on coral reefs for shelter and food. “Acropora corals are one of the primary reef builders in the world’s oceans and they are highly sought after by reeftank hobbyists for their remarkable growth rates and intense colors,” points out  Sorokin, who was inspired to create the “Coral Acropora” swimsuit design.

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