Emirates Urological Society (EUS) announces the launch of the early detection of prostate cancer

Emirates Urological Society (EUS) announces the launch of the early detection of prostate cancer

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Chairman of Dubai Health Authority, EUS has announced the launch of its year-long prostate cancer screening campaign – targeting the age group 50 to 69 years, in the UAE.

The campaign is divided into two main parts, research and awareness. The campaign will focus on random sampling ranging from 1500 to 2000 cases. This was announced during a press conference organized by the Society yesterday at the Raffles Dubai.

Campaign Goals
The campaign aims to promote community awareness of prostate cancer among all residents and will also stress the importance of early detection.

Educating people on prostate cancer and showcasing the benefits of early detection leading to a 100% cure are some of the key priorities of this campaign.

The campaign will involve all stakeholders that will be part of enhancing the patient’s commitment to treatment, educating prostate cancer patients, improving their lifestyle, overcoming barriers to reduce mortality and injury and the importance of helping and educating family members regarding physical and psychological support for prostate cancer patients.

Dr. Abdul Qader Al Zarouni, President of the EUS, and Urologist at Khalifa General Hospital in Umm Al Quwain, said “The idea of launching the campaign was not only to organize and implement scientific conferences, seminars and specialized lectures, but also to communicate directly with society and create awareness. The disease is a silent killer, but detection in the early stages leads to a high rate of success and recovery, close to 100%, and pointed out that the disease affects men, but the impact is on the whole family, and society as well.

Dr Zarouni added “The campaign team will receive random samples of blood tests and we are focused on obtaining the preliminary results. In the light of the data analysis, we will make recommendations to the official authorities for the development of healthcare strategies.

EUS will cooperate with all the stakeholders and ensure success of this campaign.
EUS will continue to organize and implement educational courses and a symposium for practicing physicians, as they are the first line in detecting the disease.

Dr. Yasser Saidi, Consultant at Dubai Hospital, spoke about the role of DHA and the Department of Urology. They will work on implementing a campaign of blood tests for citizens to identify the situation, and sorting of results, and then work on more accurate tests to be sure.

Dr. Yasser Farahat said “This campaign and preliminary tests will provide us with a clear reading of the prostate disease. The data collected will assist with the formulation of medical, health policies and strategies. Prostate cancer is a silent killer, it rarely shows symptoms in the early stages, and therefore it must be detected early!”

Early detection is key and every male in the age group 50 to 69 years of age is recommended to get tested.

EUS is confident that the media will play a very significant role in enhancing the awareness and bridging the gaps with the community at large. EUS is confident that the media will take this role seriously.

General Tips
Dr. Farahat talked about what can be called general advice, including avoiding smoking and alcohol and unhealthy eating habits that increase cholesterol, while exercising is important. He pointed out that the campaign is inclusive of the whole society, starting with the citizens.

Since the cure rates of early detection are very high EUS will facilitate mobile clinics for testing in most parts of the city and rural areas.

Dr. Younis Al Shamsi from the Ministry of Health, said “The Ministry is the legislator of these laws, and has begun to provide the necessary tests, equipment’s and all that is necessary for this campaign. Early stage detection is less expensive and more effective than the later stages, and we have launched an awareness campaign on prostate cancer, and the provision of mobile clinics for the advanced stages.

Dr. Mozah Al-Sharhan, President of the Emirates Medical Association (40 specialized departments), spoke about the idea of the initiative and the importance of not only focusing on scientific conferences and training workshops, but moving to community awareness, to get the result of health and happiness.

“We provide a complete service, from blood testing and accurate diagnosis of the situation, with the integration of work for the patient, because the health of our society is of utmost importantance.” Said Dr Mozah.

Nada Ghaleb, from the Friends of Cancer Patients, spoke about the role and efforts of the society, which has been working for more than 20 years, to raise awareness and early detection of all cancers, and its awareness efforts to encourage the public of early detection, especially breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc., as well as awareness campaigns, where “we explain the symptoms and encourage individuals and society, for early detection. We take care of the full treatment of cases suffering from the disease, pointing to the association’s cooperation with the pink convoy 9 years ago.

“We support the early detection of prostate cancer without looking at the financial issue, and with this team we can do a lot. The chances of eradicating prostate disease in the early detection are very high, and this is good and joyful. We work together as a team to achieve the goal, and we believe in the salvation of cancer” said Lars Leppin of Johnson & Johnson.

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