CRYO- Freezing the World from the Desert….

°CRYO- Freezing the World from the Desert

* The phenomenal growth of °CRYOtherapy from the UAE to the globe
* What is °CRYOtherapy and what are the benefits?
* Why are athletes and celebrities loving °CRYOtherapy?
* Improving lives with °CRYOtherapy

April: United Arab Emirates; You may have heard about Uber’s recent acquisition of Careem which has brought global focus to the Middle-East but Careem isn’t the only UAE born company that is making the news. In 2013, many people questioned how °CRYO, a cryogenic manufacturer and treatment provider homegrown in the UAE, would be successful. Over the last five years; however, °CRYO has not only spearheaded the cryogenic industry from the desert but has also expanded its clientele across the globe. °CRYO has pioneered the most advanced cryotherapy chambers in cold therapy, revolutionising the way the industry performs whole body and localised cryotherapy.

Fast forward 6 years: the brand has snowballed across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York, Sydney, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Bahrain and Kuwait with an estimated 250,000 clients that can happily testify to the treatment’s effectiveness. °CRYO also has over 500 locations globally that are exclusively using its patented equipment and technology. Benny Parihar, co-founder and CEO gives his own take on the phenomenal homegrown success that is °CRYO:

“ºCRYO’s mission is to improve people’s lives with cryotherapy. By expanding our company’s reach to over 500 locations, we have been able to deliver the benefits of cryotherapy to hundreds of thousands of patients globally. We have developed our business into different verticals of cryotherapy through manufacturing of the technology, providing treatments through our clinics, as well as providing the gases required to reach these subzero temperatures. By achieving this ‘TRS system’ of Technology, Retail, and Service we have been able to grow our business exponentially by controlling the complete value chain of this treatment. Our vision is to be able to keep growing the reach of this treatment, as well as lowering its costs by bringing efficiencies in technology and gas distribution.”
Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to subzero temperatures in order to stimulate multiple physical and mental health benefits. In approximately 3 minutes you can speed up muscle recovery, manage pain, boost collagen production, experience increased caloric burn rate and improve the quality of REM sleep.

°CRYO’s journey began in Dubai, which is a breeding ground for growth, innovation and business. °CRYO is also the first UAE based commercial player to offer a complete vertical integration of Technology, Retail and Service. °CRYO is also the leading retail and franchise brand within the cryotherapy industry that services all clinics with their cryogenic gas needs and ultimately manufactures innovative cryogenic equipment that revolutionises the cryogenic industry (

From royalty to the general public, thousands enjoy the benefits of the whole body cryotherapy. The brand has experienced phenomenal success in the U.S. and even has the seal of approval from the U.S. Airforce, multiple NBA and NFL athletes, Tony Robbins, and actor Mark Wahlberg to name a few.

Mark Wahlberg IG Testimonial:

US Airforce Article:

At home on its own turf, °CRYO, has set up a microbulk gas distribution business ( to service medical, industrial, food and beverage businesses across the MENA and Asia regions. Some clients include Al Zahra Hospitals, Masafi and Oasis bottled waters and the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Space Project.

Future plans include the launch of multiple °CRYO flagship treatment clinics across New York, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia and India as well as to develop more cutting-edge cryogenic healthcare applications and establish a gas distribution company in the United States.

Join °CRYO in freezing the world from the desert!

Website: (Clinics) (Manufacturing) (Gas Distribution)

°CRYO Celebrates 5 Years Video:

HQ Address:
Office 2807, Iris Bay, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Telephone: +971 4 297 6686
°CRYO Science North America, Inc
Address: 401 Louisiana Street, 8th Floor, Houston, TX 77002-1629
Phone: +1 800 392 4158


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