Sleep is Important for The Hospitality Industry …

Sleep is Important for The Hospitality Industry
Jumeirah Group Regional VP delivers keynote speech at Sleep Expo conference, citing hotels are increasingly catering to a good night’s sleep for their sleep

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 12 April 2019: It used to be that sleep loss was a matter that was not to be taken seriously, or should be hastily dismissed. However, with the growing awareness on sleep deprivation and the negative effects associated with it, achieving quality shut-eye is now increasingly on everyone’s radar, consumers and businesses alike.

Based on the latest industry reports the global sleeping aids market is on the growth path, projected to attain revenue of US$ 101.9 billion by 2023. The huge US$16 billion mattress market is showing the same trend with massive innovations happening in the industry as technology has become an integral part of today’s age.

With the importance of sound sleep being brought to the forefront of public health, Sleep Expo Middle East is breaking new ground to advance further the growing sleep movement, gathering the most influential business personalities to discuss and present the latest developments reshaping the industry.

Anthony Costa, Regional Vice President Jumeriah Group and Managing Director of Burj Al Arab, delivered the keynote address at the first day of the Sleep Expo Conference. In his speech, Costa acknowledged that hotels as now increasingly catering to the quality of sleep their guests achieve. “There is a need for the hospitality industry to educate themselves on the steps of building the right environment for quality sleep, Costa stressed.

The full-day conference featured insightful industry presentations and panel discussions on the future of the Sleep Industry in the region. Drawing key interest were talks on Mattresses Entering the Online Era, Technology and the Sleep Market, as well as the panel discussion on Design Playing a Key Role in Sleep.

“We are pleased to see such enthusiasm both from the industry representatives and consumers to improve their understanding of quality sleep and its benefits. It is critical for every player in the industry to move forward with new innovations and I can honestly say that Sleep Expo is world class in every respect when it comes to representing the future of the Sleep industry in the region,” stated, Taher Patrawala, Director of Media Fusion, organizers of the event.

Outside the Conference, the trade exhibit has been receiving positive response from the exhibitors and visitors alike since it opened on Thursday at the Dubai Festival Arena. The event has proved itself as the perfect venue to network with experts from leading international manufacturers, retailers and sleep experts. On showcase were a wide variety of products and solutions that will help not only the hospitality, healthcare, retailers but also the end-consumers who are facing Sleep related issues. Displayed at the booths were products like Anti-Snoring Pillows, Medical mattresses, Eyewear, Bed Linens, Latex Mattresses, among others.

Talking about their participation at Sleep Expo, Dominik Zunkovic, Founder for Whisper Mattress, said, “The industry has changed rapidly in the past years and the pace is really accelerating. The incorporation of technology in the development of mattresses and other sleep accessories has been a driving trend in the sleep industry. I am confident of future prospects in the region, especially with Dubai leading the way. As a premium brand focused on advanced technologies, Whisper see Sleep Expo as an important platform to showcase how robust our innovations are for the sleep industry in the region.”

WHISPER Mattress is among the key highlights in the expo, especially with its EMF-blocking technology tested and certified by Italian Military standards. Additionally, the WHISPER pillow is drawing great interest with its high-quality Quantum foam, which keeps users cool at night. The ergonomic design of the pillow also prevents neck pains by ensuring healthy sleep posture.

Sleep Care Zone, meanwhile, draws crowds with its many interactive demos and services that can aid visitors get better sleep.  Among the most interesting features of the zone are free Sleep Consultations with experts from top-notch brands Nurture to Sleep and London Sleep Centre, Yoga-Nidra Classes, Foot Massages, and more.

Sleep Expo Middle East is happening at the Dubai Festival Arena and will conclude on Saturday, 13th of April.


About Sleep Expo Middle East
Sleep Expo Middle East is the region’s first-of-its-kind event dedicated to sleep health. A must-attend show for both B2B and B2C, Sleep Expo ME brings together the leading stakeholders of the sleep industry – from sleep technology innovators to medical experts to health and wellness professionals – under one roof to present and discuss the latest advances in in the sleep technology space. The event also offers the perfect platform for business organizations looking to invest in the Middle East and create new partnerships. For more information about Sleep Expo Middle East, please visit

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