Walid Abdel Malik Opens Sleep Expo Middle East

Walid Abdel Malik Opens Sleep Expo Middle East
The region’s sole trade show focusing on the business of sleep highlights innovations and technologies promoting quality slumber

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 11 April 2019: Walid Abdel Malik, Director of Business Registration and Licensing in the Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED), inaugurated today the very first staging of Sleep Expo Middle East at the Dubai Festival City Arena.  The event opened its doors to both trade visitors and consumers across the region, showcasing the latest advances in in the sleep technology space.

Malik led the ribbon cutting ceremonies and toured the exhibition area accompanied by a number of the most prominent business personalities from the hospitality sector, mattress and bedding markets and other related industries.

A first-of-its-kind event in the region, Sleep Expo is the only event in the Middle East focused on advancing the sleep movement. Sleep deprivation has become a global epidemic and now stands at the forefront of public health, especially with the serious health risks associated with not getting quality shut-eye.  This trend has become the main driver behind the growing sleep industry, which has expanded exponentially in terms of innovations designed to promote quality shut-eye.

The event, which will run until Saturday, April 13, consists of: a three-day exhibition featuring an expansive showcase and live demonstrations of cutting-edge sleep technologies and solutions; a world-class two-day conference designed to tackle new developments, scientific discussions and best practices in sleep health; and, a dynamic Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area for visitors to experience services that will aid them in better sleep.

Taher Patrawala, Director of Media Fusion, which is organising the show, said, “Sleep Expo Middle East aims to support the burgeoning sleep industry, which is indicated to achieve higher growth in the coming years.  The demand for sleep aid products, technology and services are expected to continue to increase, underpinning further growth in the industry.  Equally important is our commitment to help the local hospitality sector seize the growth opportunities presented by the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai. Sleep Expo Middle East is the perfect venue for hotels, resorts and other property developers to come face-to-face with the best mattress and bedding suppliers.  The trade show has an expansive showcase of the highest level and most varied products that can surely meet the unique business requirements of every hospitality segment.”

A renewed focus on quality sleep has become a key trend driving the market growth of the mattress industry.  Based on the latest research carried out by a leading international advisory organisation promoting awareness on the link between sleep and health, mattresses can affect the quality of slumber a person gets every night.  This has pushed mattress technology to grow in leaps and bounds over the years, the latest breakthroughs of which are highlighted at the event.

“Overall wellness is increasingly on consumers’ agenda nowadays so they have a better understanding that sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle.  This is also the reason why hotels invest a lot in finding the perfect bedding.  A great night’s sleep is the ultimate luxury they want to provide their guests. Both B2B and B2C visitors will be spoilt for choice when they come visit our booth at the event,” commented Thomas Gourdie, Online Sales Manager for Silentnight UAE. Silentnight’s anti-snore pillow, which debuted at the event, are just one of the brands many products that are drawing visitors’ attention.

The second day of the conference, to be staged on April 13th, is for the B2C segment with focus on common consumer sleep issues.  Key topics to be discussed include: Sleep in Pregnant Women, Babies and Children; How do Sleep Patterns affect our Psychology, Lifestyle, and Relationships?; and, Dealing With Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia Effectively in the Workplace among others.

Sleep Care Zone, meanwhile, is a dedicated area for guests to try services that will aid them in better sleep.  Among the most interesting features of the zone are free Sleep Consultations with experts from top-notch brands Nurture to Sleep and London Sleep Centre, Yoga-Nidra Classes, Foot Massages, and more.

Sleep Expo Middle East is happening until April 13, 2019 at the Dubai Festival City Arena. More information on the show, including exhibitors’ list, conference agenda and speakers, are available at www.sleepexpome.com.

About Sleep Expo Middle East
Sleep Expo Middle East is the region’s first-of-its-kind event dedicated to sleep health. A must-attend show for both B2B and B2C, Sleep Expo ME brings together the leading stakeholders of the sleep industry – from sleep technology innovators to medical experts to health and wellness professionals – under one roof to present and discuss the latest advances in in the sleep technology space. The event also offers the perfect platform for business organizations looking to invest in the Middle East and create new partnerships. For more information about Sleep Expo Middle East, please visit http://www.sleepexpome.com.

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