Sleep Expo Middle East Opens in Dubai

Sleep Expo Middle East Opens in Dubai

10 April 2019:Region’s first-of-its-kind show dedicated to sleep movement to feature three-day exhibit, two-day conference and a host of exciting side events

Sleep Expo ME is the perfect venue for the hospitality sector to connect with suppliers ahead of Expo 2020 preps

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:All is set for the opening of Sleep Expo Middle East tomorrow at the Dubai Festival City Arena. As the region’s first-ever summit dedicated to advancing the sleep movement, Sleep Expo Middle East will run for three days, bringing together sleep experts and innovators under one roof to discuss and showcase the latest advances in in the sleep technology space.

Sleep deprivation and the negative effects associated with it have become increasingly hot topics for research globally. An industry study released last year revealed that more than half – or 51 per cent – of adults worldwide reported they get less sleep than they need on an average night. Meanwhile, a 2018 survey conducted amongst 5,000 UAE residents found that 90 per cent are not getting the ideal eight hours of sleep a night, with the majority, or 46.42 per cent, sleeping only for seven hours a night.

Organized by Media Fusion, Sleep Expo Middle East has been designed to address the mounting problems associated with not getting quality shut-eye, especially as sleep loss is now regarded as a modern epidemic that is taking toll on personal health and productivity. It will feature a three-day exhibit, participated in by leading international and regional players from the Sleep Industry, including mattress manufacturers, sleep technology companies, bedding brands, sleep aids suppliers and other distributors offering relevant solutions for better sleep hygiene. Restonic, Silentnight, Whisper Mattress, Dream Master, Arpico, Ambr Eyewear and Delis Products are just among the top brands headlining the exhibit.

Taher Patrawala, Director, Media Fusion, said, “Middle East consumers are taking more responsibility than ever for their health and wellbeing, and this explains the growing level of awareness on quality sleep as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Overall, this also reflects that more and more consumers in the region are looking for effective solutions to attain quality of sleep. Sleep Expo Middle East is therefore relevant and important in today’s time. The event has been designed to raise awareness on good health and sleep patterns among people in the region for a healthier future, as well as to encourage the entire sleep industry to come together for the first time to provide the solutions people are looking for under one-roof.”

Patrawala also said that with preparations for Dubai’s Expo 2020 now in full swing, Sleep Expo Middle East presents itself as the perfect venue for players in the hospitality sector to connect with leading suppliers and distributors for all their mattress, beddings and furniture requirements. “We’re seeing a major boost in the development of hotels across the region, and in the country in particular especially with Expo 2020 nearing. There is great demand, especially from the hospitality sector for beds, mattresses as well as other fixtures and equipment for their facilities. Through Sleep Expo, we are able to present to hotels and property developers a wide range of top-notch companies that can supply their needs,” he added.

The two-day conference will see local and international experts delivering thought-provoking keynotes and general sessions, as well as exciting and interactive panel discussions. Set for tomorrow is Conference Day 1 the for B2B Segment, which will feature experts from Jumeirah Group, Dufill Industries, Tempur, ReachIMS and Vinci PowerNap, among others. Some of the key topics to be addressed include:  Is the Sleep Industry Ready for Expo 2020?; Technology and the Sleep Market; Mattresses Entering the Online Era and many more.

Conference Day 2 on April 13th is for the B2C segment with speakers from FitBit, Emirates Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, Nurture to Sleep and many more talking about common consumer sleep issues. Key topics to be discussed include: Sleep in Pregnant Women, Babies and Children; How do Sleep Patterns affect our Psychology, Lifestyle, and Relationships?; and, Dealing With Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia Effectively in the Workplace among others.

A special highlight of the event is the Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area for guests to try services that will aid them in better sleep. Among the most interesting features of the zone are free Sleep Consultations with experts from top-notch brands Nurture to Sleep and London Sleep Centre, Yoga-Nidra Classes, Foot Massages, and more.

Sleep Expo Middle East is happening from April 11 to 13, 2019 at the Dubai Festival City Arena. More information on the show, including exhibitors’ list, conference agenda and speakers, are available at

About Sleep Expo Middle East
Sleep Expo Middle East is the region’s first-of-its-kind event dedicated to sleep health. A must-attend show for both B2B and B2C, Sleep Expo ME brings together the leading stakeholders of the sleep industry – from sleep technology innovators to medical experts to health and wellness professionals – under one roof to present and discuss the latest advances in in the sleep technology space. The event also offers the perfect platform for business organizations looking to invest in the Middle East and create new partnerships. For more information about Sleep Expo Middle East, please visit

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