Annual Investment Meeting underlines digital as a key sector for drawing FDI

Annual Investment Meeting underlines digital as a key sector for drawing FDI

UAE will witness a 15-20 per cent increase in the flow of FDI between the end of this year and 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 04th of April 2019:  Digital and software are seen as the key industries to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). In addition, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), education, health care and hi-tech industries, are other industries that will boost the growth of FDIs. In the UAE, these sectors along with other priority sectors will witness a 15-20 per cent increase in the flow of FDI between the end of this year and 2020.

“Digital sectors may continue to attract more global investments as we continue to optimize what today’s digital era has to offer. At a time of rapid technological innovations, including automation, developed and advanced countries across the world are fast aligning their efforts towards these critical developments to remain globally competitive and to keep up with the changing nature of industries and business models,” Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO of Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Organizing Committee.

In light of this, Al Shezawi said Industry 4.0 – including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data, and blockchain and smart city solutions will be put under the spotlight at AIM 2019 so that participating global economies can discuss how to rethink their approaches and adjust their strategies accordingly. Sustainable economic practices, clean and renewable energy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and startups will be the key areas of discussions in the event as well.

AIM, the world’s biggest FDI platform, carries the theme ‘Mapping the Future of FDI: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalization,’ this year.

“This year’s meeting is an opportunity for global leaders and decision makers to tackle ways to boost FDIs and look into best practices, legal frameworks, and investment-friendly policies that are critical to inclusive growth,” Al Shezawi said.

Apart from the main conference, the ninth edition will feature capacity-building workshops and country presentations, while a special zone called Investors’ Hub will be set up to allow global corporations across multiple sectors meet with official government representatives and project developers. Another highlight will be the AIM Connect, an all year-round consultancy service offered exclusively by AIM Organizing Committee.

Moreover, AIM will bring together thousands of exhibitors and visitors to network, promote projects, and attract international investments. AIM 2018 had several country pavilions, with participating international organizations representing the key sectors of agribusiness, real estate and property, finance and banking, aviation, energy and mining, trade and industry, IT and telecommunication, manufacturing, and education.

“The three-day event will be a chance to explore industrial policies that favor FDI. There is a need to reinforce different sectors to make them more attractive to investors and draw the needed capital to help generate opportunities, including jobs, and drive long-lasting, inclusive, and sustainable progress and development at the national level,” Al Shezawi concluded.       

AIM will launch an online World Investment Map that will feature information about investment destinations worldwide, target sectors and projects, and contact points to be available to all the participants. AIM 2019 event will take place from 8th to 10th of April.


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