UAE couple win free IVF treatment At New Hope IVF 

UAE couple win free IVF treatment At New Hope IVF
On the Occasion Of Mother’s Day & year of tolerance, New Hope IVF Hospital Grant a wish to the lucky couple who has been dreaming for years to starts their family. Couples are to receive IVF treatment funded by New Hope IVF, in April this year.

New Hope IVF this year, offered its Patient the chance to ‘win’ free fertility treatment. The prize offered by New Hope IVF Hospital was a part of a month-long campaign to raise awareness of infertility, the types of treatment available, and the lack of universal funding for treatment.
New Hope General Manager Walaa Istanbouly said “she has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of entries we’ve received, and that the winning couples have been trying for families for a 15 years. The couple’s treatments are to begin within the next few weeks”.
Walaa Stanbouly said “ we are trying to encourage couples to starts building their families as the majority of the applicants would have had a realistic chance of success from fertility treatment”, she said, and “only the lack of money or fuding them getting pregnant”.

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