Funun – to exhibit the creations of 23 artists from all over the world at World Art 2019.

Funun – to exhibit the creations of 23 artists from all over the world at World Art 2019.Funun will also display the creations of kids with determination.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2nd April 2019: Funun – a non-profit, artist-friendly and most economic place for an artist to exhibit and showcase their talent is exhibiting the creations of 23 artists from all over the world. In addition, it will also display the creations of kids with determination from Rashid Center and SNF Development Center at World Art 2019 which will be held at Dubai World Trade Center from 3rd to 6th April.

With an idea to give best space in lowest price, Funun was founded just three years back in 2016 by six artists friends from different countries struggling to showcase their art. Since then it has been exhibiting in all renowned exhibitions like World Art Dubai, Index, Hotel Show & in many other galleries in UAE. The simple formula was to make the participation in art exhibition affordable, and since its establishment the community strength has grown three times its size. Artists from different part of the globe that are a part of Funun, showcase different forms of art as abstract, realism, photography, sculptures, and much more.

Funun tries to showcase different artist from across the world, presenting variety of art forms and different techniques. As a gallery, it is literally incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance. Their aim is to represent art and bring talent to light.

Shiba Khan & Farah Khan, of Funun Arts, have always come up with one or more events to serve society and their current participation is a reflection of their efforts. Some of the key events they’ve been involved include TOGETHER WE CAN – to raise funds for Kerala flood, JOINING HANDS – painting with children of determination, and CHERISH- an event on world Autism day with SNF center.


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