Half Term Camp at Simply Gymnastics

Half Term Camp at Simply Gymnastics

26th March, 2019- Simply Gymnastics is back with a fun and energetic half term camp, starting 31st of March 2019 and aiming at children between the ages of 4 and above. Simply Gymnastics is the perfect go-to club for this Spring break.

Master the art of balancing on beams, doing the splits or swinging on bars. It is a fun camp at Simply Gymnastics with a fitness module to learn new skills in a fun filled environment.

Camp dates: 31st March to 4th April
7th April to 11th April

Price: AED 650 weekly and 200 daily with 10% off on referrals

Venue: Simply Gymnastics HQ, DIP2
Time: Daily 9 to 1 pm
Sign up: info@simplygymnastics.com

Simply gymnastics will resume normal classes from the 13th of April for the new term. The club will also be open for media reviews on that day, a free trial class for one hour from 2 to 3 pm.

About Simply Gymnastics

Simply Gymnastics is an “all-welcome family-friendly” gymnastics club who open our doors to anyone wanting to learn. We want the learning experience at our club to be second to none, by explaining the teaching of the moves a fun friendly ways.

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